How To Have Alerts Automatically Added To Synchronized Positions

To activate the automatic alerts feature, take the following steps:

  • Click on the down arrow next to your name at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select “Settings” (1)

tradestops settings

Then, click Alerts in the menu on the left.

alert settings view

  • You can have specific alerts set up when you sync a new position by turning (1) to Yes. Then, use the drop-down to select your alert type.
  • You can add option alerts like you would for positions (2).
  • Consecutive alerts (3) tell you for how many days in a row you will be alerted about a triggered alert.
  • Removing triggered alerts (4) will remove an alert from your position once it has hit its alert conditions
  • Additional Alerts (5) do not get taken off your alert limit. These are free alerts we offer you.
    • Ex-dividend notices tell you when you will receive a dividend for your position
    • VQ Changes give you a report of changes in VQ for your positions. This is delivered weekly, usually on Saturday/Sunday.
    • New High Profits tell you when you position hits a new market high
  • You can also adjust your positions for Dividends and Spinoffs (6).
  • Remember to Save (7) your changes.


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