This tool lets you view how your portfolios are diversified over different industries and sectors in the market.

The idea to successful investing is “not to have all your eggs in one basket.” This will help you to minimize risk when a particular sector is experiencing volatility in the market.


Balancing your positions over several industries will improve your chances of success.

select asset allocation

To access the Asset Allocation tool, take the following steps:

  • Click on the Research tab (1) in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Asset Allocation link (2) in the submenu. The following page will display:


asset allocation info

  • Select which portfolio you would like to view (3).
  • Then, select Yes to have the cash balance(s) of the selected portfolio(s) included, or No to have the balance(s) excluded (4).
  • Select Industry or Sector (5).
  • If you click one of the colors in the wheel, it will tell you the positions that fall into that industry/sector (6).

NOTE: Sectors are broader market groups, such as “Health Care” or “Information Technology.” Industries further define sectors into specific market groups, such as “Health Care Equipment,” “Pharmaceuticals,” or “Internet Software.”

As seen in the above example, the pie chart and legend reflect the portfolio by Sector with Cash excluded.

NOTE: Funds and ETF’s by their nature, may contain a basket of stocks from multiple sectors and industries. These will just be labeled “Fund” or “ETF.” Options will be designated in the sector or industry of its underlying symbol.


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