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Alert Limits

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Why do we limit alerts?

Making sure you receive an alert is VERY important to us. Too many emails could cause delivery failures to your email Inbox. In some cases, excess emails can also cause our communications to be improperly marked as “spam,” and you could miss an alert altogether.

We have dedicated servers and a team of experts keeping an eye on our Spam level, but having a limit is considered “best practice.”

What are my alert limits?

NOTE:  Alert limits are based on the number of active alerts assigned to a position, not on how many times they are triggered.

Effective 5/4/2016, we have increased the number of alerts based on membership level.
  • Basic 200 alerts
  • Plus 300 alerts
  • Premium 400 alerts
  • Lifetime 500 alerts

NOTE: Most members that joined prior to May 4th, 2016, will have a limit of 200 alerts (or amount purchased) regardless of membership level. If you have any questions about your alert package, please contact customer service. If you delete an alert on any one position, it will free one up to add to another position. You can set as many alerts on one position as you wish.

Your available alerts can be seen on the Settings/Upgrade (Subscription Information) Page.

To see how many you are currently using, click on the Portfolios page, and take a look at the total of the “Alerts” column.