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Here, you’ll learn how LikeFolio works.

LikeFolio will analyze three components from social media (specifically Twitter) to determine the direction of a stock.

Let’s look at an example.

To the naked eye, this tweet might seem like the random musings of Daredevil Dad Bob Johnson. But to LikeFolio, this tweet is chock-full of critical thought and telling sentiments.

Social media data really can help LikeFolio determine how a company might perform in the future — bullish or bearish.

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business even conducted a study with Likefolio.Their findings are summarized below.

“This study suggests that there is new information on social media that can be used to predict firm fundamentals. In particular, third-party-generated product information on Twitter, once aggregated at the firm level (by LikeFolio), is predictive of both upcoming sales and the unexpected component of sales growth at the firm level.”

You can see the full extent of LikeFolio’s bullish and bearish calls in their prediction on Apple.

And here are the surprising results.

By using consumer sentiment, you could have been ahead of the pack in exiting Apple.

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