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Adding Positions – Advanced Mode

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Getting Started with Advanced Mode:

  • Go to the Positions and Alerts Page.
  • Click Add Position.

click Add Position

  • Switch over to Advanced Mode (1).

click advanced mode


Working with Advanced Mode

advanced adding

  • Select the portfolio (1) where you want to add the position.
  • Select Stock or Option(2).
  • Enter the symbol (3). The company name will automatically fill below it (4).
  • Type an Entry Date (5) and Price (6).
  • Enter the number of shares purchased (7).
  • A history of all corporate actions will be displayed since your entry date for review.
  • Enter an Entry commission (8) if applicable.
  • Select “Yes” to adjust alerts by dividends and spin-offs (9) or “No” for no adjustments.
  • Select if the position is Long or Short (10).

NOTE: A short position is one in which the stock is sold first in the hope that it can be bought back later for a lesser price. “Short sellers” hope to profit by a fall in the price of the stock. Covered calls and Naked Puts are examples of short options.

  • Select if the position is open or closed (sold) (11). You can back-populate your TradeStops account for positions you already sold if you would like to keep records.
  • If you like, enter any tags (12) and/or notes (13) for the position.

NOTE: “Tags” are keywords to help you organize your stocks, i.e. gold or silver. “Notes” are for your own personal use.

  • Click “Clear” to reset and start again, “Save and Add More” to keep adding positions, or “Save and Close” to finish adding positions (14).

IMPORTANT: Entering a position in Advanced Mode does not set an alert on the position.