Accessing All Alert Types

As a TradeStops subscriber, there are many alert types to choose from. If you want to add multiple alerts, take the following steps:

click a ticker

  • Click on the Positions & Alerts tab (1) in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Click to select the portfolio (2) containing the position that needs an alert, or select “All” to see all positions in all portfolios.
  • Make sure you are on the Positions tab (3). It will have a blue line under it.
  • Click on the symbol (4) that you want to add an alert to.
  • Select the “Alerts” tab.

click add alerts

  • Click the Add Alert button (1) in the Current Alerts section at the bottom of the page, and the following Available Alerts window will display:

adding alerts

  • Choose from the tabs at the left to select an alert type (1). For details on all alert types, please view the TradeStops Alerts section.
  • Review and enter the alert criteria (2).
  • Click the Add Alert button (3) to the right of the alert type.

added alerts

  • Once you have added your alert you will notice it is now listed in the assigned alert section (1).

NOTE: You may add more than one alert per position. After you select “Add Alert” simply select the next alert you would like to assign.

  • When you are done adding all your alerts, select the Close button (2)


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