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Adding Alerts to Options

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To add alerts to your options take the following steps:

NOTE:  Options alerts are only available for TradeStops Plus, Premium, and Lifetime subscribers

click your option

  • Click on the Positions & Alerts tab (1).
  • Select the portfolio (2) containing the option that needs an alert, or select “All” to see all positions in all portfolios.
  • Make sure you are on the Positions tab (3). It will have a blue line under the word “Positions.”
  • Click your option ticker (4).

click add alert

  • Click the “Alerts” tab
  • Finally, click the Add Alert button (1).

The “Available Alerts” window will display:

adding alerts

Option specific alerts are in the lower three sections. Other alerts could always be added. You could set a Trailing Stop, and it will track the option (premium) price.

You can click on the following links to see more about the option alert types:


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