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Adding a 2 VQ Alert

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Learn how to add a 2VQ alert

You can add a 2 VQ alert from the Position Card Page. Simply click on a ticker symbol that you own (or watch) within either program. Next, click the Alerts tab. Then, click Add Alert.

add alert button on the position card page

In the menu that appears, click Price. From there, you can add the 2 VQ alert to your position. You’ll then be notified when the latest close is 2 VQ above your entry price.

2 VQ alert

As we mentioned, this alert is based on your entry price, so make sure that you enter that information. If you happen to be missing it, that’s OK. You can simply go to the Position Detail tab on this page to add your Entry Price.

You can read more about the 2 VQ method at the links below.


Some additional notes

After the first initial 2VQ trigger, it is not possible to set up additional 2VQ alerts on the same position, as the alert is based off one’s adjusted entry price.

As we are not currently supporting multiple purchase lots, we are unable to track additional 2VQ triggers for the same position. TradeStops only allows for one entry date and entry price per position. We do not have the capability of entering multiple purchase lots with different prices.

If you are synchronizing your accounts, all purchases of the same stock will pull in as one position. New purchases of the same stock and shares will update the number of shares. It will not update the entry price/cost basis.

For the time being, you can set up a manual portfolio and add each purchase lot with its own date, price and 2VQ alert.

You can also remove the 2VQ alert once the initial 2VQ has triggered and add a price alert for the next 2VQ move.

You would just need to do some math and take two times the stock’s VQ% of your secondary purchase price.