Entering Missing Data

For synchronized positions, we try to gather as much information as possible from your broker.

Some brokers don’t provide certain information or closing transaction data.

Alerts are added automatically once you sync your account. You’ll need to manually add missing data. This makes alerts more accurate.

add missing data

If a new position is synchronized into your TradeStops account and is missing any data fields, you will see N/A. If you hover over this field, the “enter data” link will display.

To add this data to just one position at a time, click the link, and the following “Edit Position Data” pop up will display.

position data form

  • Enter your entry date (1).
  • Next, enter or edit your entry price if needed (2).
  • Then, enter your broker commission (optional) (3).
    • If an alert was not already applied automatically, you can add an alert using a Template or Trailing Stop Percentage (4).
  • Click “Save.”

NOTE: The “Shares” field cannot be edited for synchronized positions as this field is updated directly from your broker.