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The Smart Trailing Stop on is currently . The latest close of is $ . Its recent high close of $ was made on .

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Tampa, FL,

Dear Fellow Investor,

Thank you for your interest in Smart Trailing Stops... the way smart investors track and protect their investments, and maximize their gains.

What exactly does the Smart Trailing Stop tell you and why is it so important?

Smart Trailing Stops are the next evolutionary step in the history of trailing stops.

Before we get to exactly how Smart Trailing Stops are an advance over traditional trailing stops, it's important to understand why even simple trailing stops are such a powerful tool for individual investors.

Trailing stops are a commonly­ used investment tool that allow investors to set a percentage below the stock's current highest trading price at which you sell the stock to lock in gains or close a losing position to limit trading losses. Simply put, a trailing stop mathematically calculates when to sell to maximize profits or minimize losses... every time.

Trailing stops are powerful, no doubt about it. Just ask legendary stock investor David Ryan who used trailing stops to win the U.S. Investing Championship THREE times ­ with a remarkable 3­year return of 1,379%. And he did it by making money on just 50% of his trades!

Why are trailing stops such a powerful tool for individual investors?

Because most individual investors have a disastrous bias that leads them to actually prefer their losers over their winners.

How can I say something so crazy?

Well, individual investors have a tendency to sell their winners too early and hold on to their losers in the "hope" of recovering their losses.

It's really that simple.

Think about it... if you let go of one thing and hold onto another, doesn't that indicate a preference? And can you see the implications of this "preference" over a lifetime of investment decisions?

This is the exact opposite of what investors need to do to succeed! And, it's exactly why trailing stops are such a powerful tool for the individual investor.

You see, in the financial markets, losers tend to keep losing while winners tend to keep winning.

Trailing stops are a time-­tested tool for helping individual investors to get on the right side of market trends... a tool for staying in winners and getting out of losers.

Following a trailing stop discipline puts you in the minority of investors ­ the successful minority of investors who let reason rule over emotion in order to maximize profits and keep losses to a bare minimum.

Smart Trailing Stops ­- The Next Generation

Up until now, however, trailing stops have typically been a "one­size fits all" proposition. Many investors opt for a default 25% trailing stop, which is far better than not using any trailing stop at all, but it could mean that you lose out on potential trading profits by selling positions too early... or hold on to losing positions for too long.

But do you really want to use the same level of trailing stop for a slow­ moving, steady stock like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) as you would for a high­flying, volatile stock like Tesla Motors (TSLA)?

Of course not. And that's exactly why I've created Smart Trailing Stops.

Smart Trailing Stops have all the benefits of traditional trailing stops ­ helping investors to stay in winners and get out of losers.

Unlike traditional trailing stops, however, Smart Trailing Stops are tuned to the individual stock. As of this writing, for example, the Smart Trailing Stop on slow but steady JNJ is 10.5% while the Smart Trailing Stop on highly volatile TSLA is 42.1%.

A 25% trailing stop is too wide for JNJ, and too tight for TSLA. With JNJ you would risk giving back too much of your profits while with TSLA you risk getting stopped out of the stock before it has a chance to take off to the upside.

Let's take a look at your stock of interest ­ .

As mentioned above, the current Smart Trailing Stop on is %.

This one ­year chart for shows the fluctuations in both the share price (blue line) and the Smart Trailing Stops value (green line) in this stock over the past year:

Within the past year, the price of has shown a pattern of low volatility, swinging between a high of $ and a low of $.

In the same period, the Smart Trailing Stop value for has ranged between a high of % and a low of %.

To have a reasonable expectation of not getting "stopped out" of too early, the current Smart Trailing Stop of % will accommodate the natural changes in this stock's price, based on historical calculations of price, volatility, and the other factors we consider within the proprietary Smart Trailing Stops algorithm.

One very important point to note in the chart above is that Smart Trailing Stops are actually adaptive ­ updating constantly based on the latest available historical data.

I hope that you're beginning to see the power of Smart Trailing Stops. Following a Smart Trailing Stop strategy can truly revolutionize how you manage your existing investments.

Smart Trailing Stops ­- Not Just for Selling Stocks

Moreover, Smart Trailing Stops can even help you decide which stocks you want to buy because you can know how risky a stock is before you buy it.

For example, would you be willing to buy TSLA if you knew that you might have to endure a 42.1% loss before you could be confident that the downtrend was over? Maybe... but maybe not.

But perhaps a better question of whether you would be willing, is whether you would be comfortable. This is a profound quality of Smart Trailing Stops, because if you are not comfortable with volatile price moves, Smart Trailing Stops can help you stay more within your personal "investing comfort zone" before you buy a stock.

By knowing a stock's individual Smart Trailing Stop value, you will know how much price fluctuation you might have to bear when you invest in that stock. Some stocks may simply not be good or "compatible" choices for you as an investor. Of course, if you don't mind potentially riskier investments, Smart Trailing Stops can tell you how much price movement you are likely to encounter when investing in a particular stock.

Either way, getting into your personal comfort zone as an investor is absolutely critical. If you invest in a stock that is out of your comfort zone, it’s like being the patsy at the poker table... the stronger and more confident players are eventually going to take your money.

Risk Vs. Reward

Speaking of stronger investors, let's talk about risk vs. reward for a minute, because it's another important consideration that is often overlooked by individual investors.

Professional investors are always considering risk versus reward. They will only take a known risk if the expected reward is worth the risk. For most professional investors they require that the reward be at least two and preferably three times the risk.

Would you be willing to risk 42% on TSLA? Well, do you have a reasonable chance of gaining at least 84% or even 126% on TSLA? If not, then the risk isn't likely worth the potential reward.

"The process of updating my portfolio with the new Smart Trailing Stops was very quick, and I am very comforted by the "rocket­ science" that is driving the smart stops methodology. I can clearly see that it is designed to increase gains and most of all, protect me from myself and the less advantageous (emotional) decisions I would otherwise have been likely to make without it. This is the type of service that matters ­ to me and my family ­ and I appreciate it very much." Lynn W.

Now that you know that the Smart Trailing Stop on is %, are you reasonably confident of gains in of at least % and hopefully %?

That's the power of Smart Trailing Stops ­ you can know your risk even before you invest and ­ knowing your risk ­ you can decide if the risk is worth the reward.

How May I Use Smart Trailing Stops in my Investing?

If you already use trailing stops, you may choose to use the current, optimal Smart Trailing Stop value for an individual stock in place of whatever trailing stop you currently use. We re-­optimize the Smart Trailing Stop value each week and you are welcome to look ­up the current value for any stock ticker and use that value. It does mean that you'd need to do that manually for each position you are interested in, and anyone who has tracked more than a couple of stocks will know what a pain this can be...

Or you could simply automate everything... with TradeStops.

TradeStops is a powerful service ­ favored by individual and professional investors alike ­ that allows you to set regular trailing stop and Smart Trailing Stop values on stocks and equities, and receive automated email and text message alerts when it's time to close a position, either to lock­ in your trading profits, or to protect you from a potential catastrophic loss.

Subscribers to TradeStops have unlimited access to the Smart Trailing Stops lookup tool along with access to a Position Size Calculator that can help guide your investment thinking and planning.

"TradeStops has not changed my approach to investing. It lets me do what I have been doing for 45 years more easily. I have made over $891,000 since I started using it ­ mostly by doing nothing." John. C., Utah

And should you wish to track options, set up custom alerts, or have the current Smart Trailing Stop value updated automatically for your investments, TradeStops Pro is the service you need.

I founded the TradeStops service over 10 ­years ago, and over 25,000 loyal subscribers now trust TradeStops to track their investments.

TradeStops helps to solve a fundamental and human problem, which affects every investor... the tendency to hold on to our losers too long and to cut our winners too short. It also helps you to stay on top of your investments in this busy day and age.

The service integrates directly with over 15 brokerages to synchronize your existing portfolios, and my dedicated customer support team is just an email or a phone call away to help you with any questions you may have.

"Your product has made me a more profitable investor (the most important item on my list) by helping to remove the emotion from the decision making process. Not only that, but it has saved me thousands of dollars too. Thanks for all your work." Bryan P., Georgia

TradeStops may make you a better investor... and with our no­ quibble, 60 ­day complete satisfaction guarantee, I invite you to start using TradeStops today and discover the power that Smart Trailing Stops can bring to your investments.

Richard Smith, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, TradeStops

"I am very a busy professional and parent. Investing wisely is my responsibility to my family but it is difficult to carve out time to do this as actively as might be ideal. With your program, it really is "set it and forget it" until it is time to sell and find something new to buy. I believe that the only way to make money investing in the same pool as Wall Street super computers is to NOT lose money. Your product helps me protect my gains and cut my losses. Love your service. Thank you!" Donna G., Florida