There’s an important alert that more than 80% of TradeStops members aren’t taking advantage of. Here’s how to fix that.

TradeStops is known for all of the different ways you can track your stocks and customize alerts to suit your trading strategies. We have Volatility Quotient (VQ) alerts, Stock State Indicator (SSI) alerts, trailing stop alerts, price alerts, volume alerts, moving average alerts, and so many more. This past summer, we even recorded a webinar with all the possible alerts. You can access it here.

But there’s one alert that more than 80% of TradeStops members are not utilizing. It’s understandable as this alert is a little hidden and doesn’t show up when you’re setting the normal alerts for your stocks and funds.

This special alert notifies you that the VQs for your stocks and funds have been updated. We update the VQs every weekend for every stock and fund in the TradeStops database. Why is this important? Most of the time the VQ changes are small, but on rare occasions, the changes can be large.

When I receive this alert via email, usually on Saturday afternoons, I look at the stocks I’ve been following in both my investment and watch portfolios. I especially want to look at the stocks that are in the SSI Yellow Zone. If the VQ of these stocks has changed by a large amount, it’s possible that the SSI Stop price has changed to a level that would have caused the stock to stop out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, but it’s possible for it to happen.

To begin receiving these alerts, just go to the upper right-hand side of the TradeStops and click on your name. Then click on “Settings.”

VQ Change Alert set-up
From here, on the left-hand side of the page, click on “Alerts,” and it will open to the “Alerts Settings” page.

VQ Change Alert set-up
Scroll down until you see the “Additional Alerts” section. The alert to receive the VQ changes is in the middle. Just turn that switch on and be sure to save it at the bottom of the page.

VQ Change Alert set-up
Start looking for these emails from TradeStops every Saturday or Sunday. They’re a great reminder to take a few minutes and look at your portfolios every weekend.

Tom Meyer
Education Director, TradeStops