From the beginning we’ve recognized how important TradeStops’ Alerts are for our customers.

Of course, the word “alert” can have different meanings.

In TradeStops, “Alerts” are a specific capability built into our software that allows you to receive timely, actionable information about the state of your positions.

The key word here is “actionable”. Alerts are key indicators that something about a position has changed and that you may need to reevaluate that position.

Note: New TradeStops customers sometimes get confused about Alerts. The number of Alerts you have depends on your subscription level. But no matter what that number is, it refers to the number of positions you can receive alerts about. It doesn’t refer to the number of emails you receive.

So for instance if your subscription includes “200 alerts,” that means you can set 200 different alerts on your positions. (You can set multiple alerts for a single position and each one would count as a separate alert).

You can find out more about alerts by visiting the Alerts Overview page. Our educational webinars are also a great resource for learning more about using this valuable feature in TradeStops.


Your TradeStops Customer Success Team