The market has been more volatile lately, and you may have been stopped out of some of your positions. If you’ve since sold the positions, you may wonder when might be the best time to invest in the equity again.

With TradeStops, we make knowing when to re-enter a position easy. All it takes is having your closed positions sent to a re-entry watchlist. Let’s login and learn how to do that.

Re-Entry for Synced Portfolios

TradeStops lets you import your positions from many brokerages. When you close a position at your brokerage, the data is automatically transferred to your closed positions tab.

But – you can also have this information automatically added to your re-entry watchlist. Like we mentioned earlier, this is particularly helpful if you plan on entering the position again in the future.
If you want to have this automatic re-entry watchlist created, you simply need to turn on the option from your program settings. First, click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the TradeStops program, and click Settings. Next, click Positions in the side menu that appears.

Positions setting tab in the program settings section

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see several options for your positions. Under Closed Positions, you should see “Re-Entry for Synchronized Portfolio.”

Re-entry for synced positions setting
Simply change the setting to Yes (click the oval), and a re-entry watchlist will be created for all synced positions that you close from this point on. Just make sure to click the green Save button before you leave this page. Once positions are added to the new re-entry watchlist, they will also have an SSI alert. When the position changes to green, you’ll get an email.

Re-Entry for Manual Portfolio

You may have decided not to sync your portfolio with us. That doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the re-entry portfolio.

When you manually close a position in TradeStops, you’ll get the option to add it to a re-entry watchlist.

Close position, re-entry for manual position

Simply make sure you have chosen Yes for “Set SSI Alert,” and the position will be added to your re-entry watchlist with an SSI alert. Just like with the synced option, you’ll get an email when the position enters the green zone again.

Where Do I Find the Re-Entry Watchlist?

You can find the re-entry watchlist on your Portfolio tab:

portfolio tab showing re-entry

Remember, the portfolio tab in TradeStops has two tabs on top. Since the re-entry watchlist does not contain positions that you currently own, it will be under the Watch Only tab. If you want to view the positions in that portfolio, simply click the portfolio name.

Why Do the Positions Show as Open on the Re-Entry Watchlist?

Though this re-entry watchlist contains positions that you have closed, it is acting as a “new” portfolio of investments that you’re considering investing in. Since the positions are “open,” you’re able to get alerts for them. If these positions were in the closed section, you would not get an email telling you when it’s safe to re-enter the position.

Set Up Your Re-Entry Watchlist Today To Re-Enter a Position

Setting up your re-entry watchlist is easy – whether you sync your portfolio or do it manually. This watchlist can help you save more and risk less by letting you know the optimal time to re-enter a position without fear, greed, or guesswork getting in the way.

If you need help with your re-entry watchlist, feel free to reach out to our customer success team. They’re always happy to help and can be reached at [email protected].

To your positions,

Customer Success Team