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The holiday season is upon us. We’re sure you’ve been busy buying presents, visiting family, and travelling. It can be easy to miss what’s going on in the market. That’s where TradeSmith comes in to help.

Our system can sync to your favorite newsletters and allow you to quickly check on how your favorite publishers are invested in the market or what they’re recommending. Newsletters are a great resource for stock ideas. And our technical analysis makes it easy to determine if an investment is best for you — even in a bear market.

In the crypto world, sifting through the more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies in existence can seem like an impossible task. It doesn’t need to be! Our Crypto by TradeSmith program makes it easy to find the recommendations from your favorite newsletters.


Did you hear that the Financial Times named their Person of the Year? It’s true! This year, they have chosen George Soros. You can read their announcement here.

As some of you may know, we follow many top billionaire traders in our TradeStops program. We make it easy to find the investments that Soros and a number of other billionaires hold. Just go to the Newsletter center in TradeStops, click Billionaire’s Club, and then click George Soros from the list of billionaires.

From there, you can quickly and easily review the positions that Soros has. If you find some positions that you really like, you can add them to a watch portfolio. Just click the little plus signs.

add positions to a watch list

If you add the positions to a watch portfolio, you can watch them for any changes before making a purchase decision. Alternatively, you can click the green button to add all the positions to a watch portfolio.

And, of course, you can do this with other billionaires and publishers. It’s a great way to track positions from some great resources.

Ideas by TradeSmith

We always strive to improve our TradeSmith products for you. That’s why we’ve added Jeff Clark as a publisher to both TradeStops and Ideas by TradeSmith. If you’re subscribed to him, it’s easy to add his newsletters to your analysis.

We can do this in Ideas by TradeSmith from the Stock Finder page. First, turn the newsletter filter on, and then click the small triangle to open the newsletter options.

arrow for newsletter options

Within the pop-up that appears, click the Add More Newsletters link. This then opens the list of available publishers. Jeff Clark’s newsletter is the one under the triangle. From there, all you need to do is enter your credentials for the newsletter. Make sure not to enter your TradeSmith credentials.

Then, you can easily use the Stock Finder with Jeff Clark’s newsletter. It’s that easy!

Crypto By TradeSmith

Did you know you can access newsletters for cryptocurrencies inside Crypto by TradeSmith, too? It’s a fact! Just click the Newsletters tab, and then you can sync with your favorite publisher’s newsletter.

If you use something to help you remember your passwords, it might autofill your Crypto by TradeSmith credentials.

example of pre-filled user credentials

Make sure to enter your newsletter credentials.

Once you do that, you’ll see the list of recommended positions for that newsletter. Just like in TradeStops, you’ll be able to add the positions to a watch list or add the whole portfolio as a watch portfolio.

If you see a crypto that you really like, you can click the ticker symbol. This will bring you to the Position Card Page. From there, you can further analyze the position’s performance before purchasing it. You can read more about using the Position Card Page here.

Bulletin Board

We know that the markets have been down lately. There’s no denying that. Surviving a bear market all depends on the actions you take. Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud discussed some great techniques to follow for monitoring your portfolio in a downturn. Make sure to catch the replay.

On Dec. 26, Tom and Marina will discuss another strategy for protecting your portfolio during market upheavals. Make sure to register now. They’ll start their discussion promptly at 1 p.m. Eastern.

There’s also a hedge fund strategy that can protect you during the bear market. TradeSmith wrote about it on Dec. 18. You can read more about it here.

Also, our offices will be closed Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 in observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas so that our employees may spend time with their families.
TradeSmith will resume normal hours of operation Dec. 26. If you require assistance Dec 24 or 25, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Our Customer Success agents will be happy to assist you when they return to the office.

Signing off

Whew! We know that was a lot to cover this week. The Financial Times announced a new Person of the Year, and we have a way to check that person’s investments. We added a new publisher to our newsletter center. And we have an easy way to check crypto newsletter recommendations. Don’t feel shy; read the article again if you need to.

And, as always, our Customer Success Team is always happy to answer any of your questions. Their email address is [email protected]. You can call them at 866-385-2076 Mon – Fri from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern.

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