At TradeSmith, we’re always working to improve our products to make your user experience even better. This week, we’ve made improvements to Ideas by TradeSmith and the CryptoFinder. There’s also an exciting update coming for CryptoTradeSmith in the next couple weeks.

What’s Been Updated in Ideas by TradeSmith and the CryptoFinder?

Ideas by TradeSmith and the CryptoFinder are our newest products. We’ve received numerous emails about how much you all are enjoying both products.

We’re always seeking ways to make your experience even better. So, we’ve updated how these products work for mobile devices. The new interface makes it much easier to navigate the sections of the program when working on your smartphone or tablet.

Give the mobile versions of Ideas by TradeSmith and CryptoFinder a try.


What’s Coming for CryptoTradeSmith?

Our engineering team has been hard at work on a request that many of you have asked for…

In the world of crypto, alt coins are not purchased with traditional fiat currencies. They’re purchased with other cryptocurrencies — like Bitcoin or Ether.

As of this writing, CryptoTradeSmith displays the pricing for alt coins in fiat currencies. We understand this can be a little confusing for tracking your cost basis, gains, and more when your purchase wasn’t made in a fiat currency.

That’s why we will soon implement cryptocurrency pairs to CryptoTradeSmith. Be on the lookout for an email in the next few weeks for the official release. We’re sure you’ll love it!


A Tip for TradeStops

We also have a quick tip for our TradeStops users. We’ve chatted with many of you recently concerning ticker CRON-V. It recently changed exchanges from TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). It’s listed as CRON-T now.

In TradeStops, when a position changes exchanges, names, or tickers, a pop-up will appear — saying the position has been “delisted.”

CRON-V shown as delisted

If this has happened to your CRON position (or any other position), just delete the position. You can then add the correct position back to the portfolio.

For manual portfolios, simply click the Add Position button in the Positions & Alerts page and add the correct symbol back.

For synced portfolios, go to the portfolios tab in your program. To the left of the portfolio where you deleted the position, click the small downward-pointing triangle. Next, click Synchronize. Then, just click the Restore button. The correct position will then be pulled into your portfolio.


Bulletin Board

TradeSmith and his team always want to keep you on top of what’s happening in the equity markets. We’ve had some great editorials and educational material lately.

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  • Tom Meyer’s Educational Articles help you take TradeSmith’s strategies and easily apply them to your portfolios.

In our ongoing commitment to make you a better investor, we conduct webinars.

  • The latest TradeStops webinars are here. These help you learn how to apply TradeSmith’s strategies to your portfolios.
  • Our CryptoTradeSmith webinars are here. These teach you how to use the CryptoTradeSmith program.
  • The TradeSmith University training videos can help you learn how to navigate the site and make your first crypto purchases.

Until Next Time

We hope you enjoy the newest updates to our products. Keep an eye out for your upcoming crypto update. Be sure to check out the resources in the bulletin board above, and let us know how the TradeSmith suite of programs are helping you in the markets.

To your investing success,
TradeSmith Customer Success Team