When TradeStops rolled out the new site changes a couple of weeks ago, one of the upgrades we included was an expanded list of the billionaire investors that we’re now following.

This includes the following Billionaires:

  • Andreas Halvorsen
  • Chase Coleman III
  • Dan Loeb
  • Glenn Greenberg
  • Jeffrey Ubben
  • Joseph Edelman
  • Larry Robbins
  • Lee Ainslie
  • Lou Simpson
  • William Von Mueffling

These investors all manage multibillion-dollar hedge funds. They are mostly considered to be “value” investors, but that doesn’t mean they analyze stocks the exact same way.

For instance, Dan Loeb is considered to be an activist investor. He buys into troubled companies (when their share price has been beat up), shakes up and replaces inefficient management, and returns the companies to profitability.

Jeffrey Ubben got his start as the manager of the Fidelity Value Fund for Fidelity Investments. His investment style is to identify companies that are out of favor in the market, make a significant investment, and help increase the long-term value of the company.

Larry Robbins will hold stocks for years and is reputed to not use any stop-loss strategy.
But they’re not all value investors. Chase Coleman was an early investor in both Facebook and LinkedIn. His funds focus on stocks with cutting-edge technology.

With the addition of these new members of the TradeStops Billionaire’s Club, our system is now tracking a total of 1,596 positions for 1,160 tickers — all at your fingertips to research, follow, and consider.

You can find all of these through the TradeStops Billionaire’s Club if you’re a Pro, Lifetime, or Platinum member. To access the Billionaire’s Club, click on the “Newsletters” tab at the top of the site.

When you get to the Billionaire’s Club, you’ll see the list of included billionaires on the left-hand side of the page. For this example, we’re reviewing Andreas Halvorsen’s portfolio holdings.

Here’s the information page you’ll see for each of the billionaires. We’ve hidden the ticker symbols and the stock names, but all of the other information is current as of June 3. Each of the columns at the top of the screen is sortable. For this example, we’ve sorted by Ref. Date — the date that the billionaire first reported holding the position; this view will show us the latest information at the top of the page.

The “Ref Price” is the average price the billionaire paid for the stock. As you scan down the page, you can see if the billionaire increased or decreased their position in the current quarter that was reported.

The three columns on the right-hand side of the page show the TradeStops tools including the Volatility Quotient (VQ), Stock State Indicator (SSI) condition (the last column), and the SSI Stop Loss in the middle column.

You can save any individual stock (or stocks) or the entire Billionaire’s portfolio as your own “Watch List.”

The addition of these new billionaire portfolios also refreshes an important resource for investing ideas using the Pure Quant tool. There are now scores of new positions that you can run through Pure Quant to cull the list to only the best options that fit your personal investing style. For more information (or a refresher) on how to use the Pure Quant tool to build portfolios based on TradeSmith’s rules, click here.

We’re excited to add these successful investors and their reported investments to our list for TradeStops members.

Tom Meyer
TradeStops Research and Educational Specialist