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We hope your week has been going well. Here at TradeSmith, we’ve been hard at work updating the features in our programs and bringing you the latest market updates. Continue reading to see what’s happening with each of our products.

Ideas by TradeSmith

Ideas by TradeSmith is one of our newest products, and we’ve had some great feedback from our customers. We know that some users do not have the time to do additional research on unknown companies. To help with this, we made a new improvement to the Stock Finder.

You can now filter your Stock Finder results based on newsletter recommendations.

newsletter recommendation setting

If you have an active TradeStops account and have synced your newsletters, you can now pull from the newsletters’ recommendations. This way, on top of using your own defined filters, you’re pulling from a basket of stocks chosen by great financial publishers.

Make sure to watch for another email from us about this feature. We plan on making it even better. As soon as it’s available to you, we’ll let you know exactly how it works.


You might not have synced your newsletters to your TradeStops account yet, but don’t worry — the process is easy!

From within TradeStops:

  1. Click the Newsletters tab in the top black menu
  2. Click your publisher
  3. Enter your newsletter credentials

Note: You must use your newsletter credentials. Do not enter your TradeStops credentials.

Once your newsletter is synced with your TradeStops account, you can pull the recommendations into Ideas by TradeSmith.


Coming soon: a great CryptoTradeSmith update. Our engineering team has been hard at work to bring you a big improvement to our crypto trading pair information. As soon as this is added to the program, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Bulletin Board

On July 31, TradeSmith and his team hosted a fantastic, informative webinar on where the market stands relative to our algorithms and tools. We also revealed strategies you can implement right now to potentially profit from these conditions. If you missed the webinar, you can catch the replay here.

TradeSmith continued his Cognitive Bias series on Tuesday. If you missed the email from us, that’s okay; we always post them to our blog. You’ll find the latest article in the Cognitive Bias series here.

And, as always …

Thank you for being a TradeSmith subscriber. We’re always happy to help you succeed with our products. Because when you succeed, so do we! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about any of our products, let us know at [email protected]

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