I’m proud to say that we’ve delivered an unbelievable amount of new value to TradeStops subscribers in the last few years. I’m happy to report that we’re about to deliver even more. We are making major improvements to TradeStops.

In fact, it’s a big week for TradeStops. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some major improvements to TradeStops … and they’re all coming your way this week.

I’ll go into more detail below but first, the highlights:

  • One stop Stock State Indicator (SSI) alerts – just one single alert type will now cover all of our SSI related alert types: Smart Trailing Stops, Low Risk Zone and Re-Entry Rule alerts. The SSI system has become a full life-cycle system that you can apply to any stock. You knew that already. Now you can apply it with just one alert instead of 3 or 4 different alerts.
  • Expanded SSI coverage – we’ve improved the SSI algorithm so that stocks with as little as 2 years of historical data will now have the benefit of our proprietary SSI Trend indicator.
  • Low Risk Zone plus trend – now when a stock dips into the Low Risk Zone we can tell you if it is trending up, down or sideways. This information can help you decide if the stock is more likely to bounce back up or get stopped out.
  • Expanded Newsletter Center – one of the best kept secrets of TradeStops is that you can see the open recommendations of dozens of popular financial newsletters right inside of TradeStops. This benefit was formerly available only to our premium subscribers. Now it will be available to all subscription levels of TradeStops.
  • Pair trades coverage – speaking of newsletters, some of our favorite newsletter writers have recently started using pair trades to hedge risk. Pair trades are when you go long one stock and short another stock at the same time. We fully support intelligent risk management and so we’re now supporting pair trades in our Newsletter Center. More on that below.

All the nitty gritty details are below and, of course, you can call or email our Florida based customer experience team if you have any questions or concerns.

That’s it for me today. I’m excited to get all of these new benefits in your hands and I need to get back under the hood and make sure that everything works perfectly for you right out of the gate.

The expanded details on the new benefits are below. Everything will be live on Thursday morning.

Have a great week!


P.S. Here are the expanded details of the new benefits:

Consolidated SSI Alerts
Over the past two years we’ve developed several alert types that all work together:

  • Smart Trailing Stop alerts are volatility based trailing stops that tell you how much room to give a stock based on its volatility and also tell you which important recent high you should use to trail your stop.
  • Low Risk Zone alerts tell you when a stock with an active Smart Trailing Stop has pulled back just enough to be at an interesting low risk entry point without having been stopped out.
  • Re-Entry Rule alerts use a conservative algorithm to answer the perennial question of “When is it safe to get back into a stock that’s been stopped out?” The Re-Entry Rule uses both our proprietary volatility metric and a proprietary trend indicator – the Smart Moving Average.

All these indicators together form our Stock State Indicator (SSI) system to act as a complete life-cycle set of indicators on any stock. They provide multiple strategic entry and exit options on any stock.

And now you can easily add all of these alerts to any stock at once using our new SSI alert. Rather than having to add each alert type separately, you’ll just add a single SSI alert and TradeStops will alert you any time there is a change of state in the SSI.

If a stock with an active SSI gets stopped out, you’ll get an alert. If a stock dips into the Low Risk Zone, you’ll get an alert. If a stock that’s stopped out triggers an Entry signal, you’ll get an alert. The new SSI alert type is a one-stop set it and forget it alert system now.

Expanded Low Risk Zone Alert types
I’ve found that when using the Low Risk Zone indicator myself, I like to also know if the trend of the stock is up, down or sideways. If a stock dips into the Low Risk Zone and is in a strong uptrend, it gives me more confidence that buying in the Low Risk Zone is a good opportunity.

Since I like to use the Low Risk Zone this way, I figured you might appreciate it as well. So we’re using our proprietary trend indicator to let you know which way a stock is trending each time it enters the Low Risk Zone.

You can see more on how we’ll be presenting this information to you in the next section below.

New SSI Icons
Another one of our major improvement of TradeStops is our hand gesture icons that we’ve been using for the SSI for the past year have served their purpose but as the SSI system matures and expands, we’ve found it worthwhile to have a more flexible and familiar iconography for this important indicator.

Here are all the new icons (and colors) for each component alert type of the SSI system:

Major improvements to Tradestops
You’ll also note that we’ve chosen to go with the familiar green, yellow and red traffic light colors to indicate safe to enter (green), getting close to the stop loss (yellow) and stopped out (red).

Expanded SSI Trend Coverage
Our proprietary trend indicator, the Smart Moving Average has become a very important part of TradeStops. It’s a big part of the SSI Entry signal and it now is also part of the Low Risk Zone trend indicator.

While this trend indicator has become an increasingly important and valuable part of TradeStops, it has, until now, been limited to only those stocks with 9 years or more of history. Not anymore.

After extensive research and back-testing we’ve identified a critical improvement to our trend algorithm that allows to expand coverage to many more stocks in our database. In fact, the number of symbols in our database covered by our trend indicator will increase from 31,000 symbols to over 72,000 symbols.

I’m very pleased to be able to expand the coverage of this important service. Going forward I’m also going to start calling it the SSI Trend rather than the Smart Moving Average.

Newsletter Center Expansion
I’m a big fan of great financial newsletters. I know that many of you are too. In many ways, TradeStops is the result of my 12 year quest to help newsletter readers succeed with newsletter content.

That’s why I was so excited to launch the TradeStops Newsletter Center to my premium subscribers last year. And that’s why I’m very pleased to now be able to open the Newsletter Center up to all subscription levels of TradeStops.

Inside of TradeStops you can click on the Newsletter Center navigation link near the top right of the page. There you’ll find access to many of the newsletters published by Stansberry Research, Oxford Club, Agora Financial, Palm Beach Research and Sovereign Society.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Newsletter Pair Trades Coverage
Several newsletters that I follow have recently been recommending pair trades to make sure that their readers can still take advantage of upside opportunity while also limiting downside risk.

That’s a cause I fully support! In support of great risk management, we’ve worked hard to now be able to track these pair trades in the Newsletter Center of TradeStops. Not only will you be able to see the pair trade recommendations but you’ll also be able to add a newsletter pair trade to you own TradeStops portfolios.

We’re not yet at the point where you can create your own custom pair trades (hope to do that down the road a bit) but if a trusted newsletter editor recommends a pair trade in one of the newsletters we cover in TradeStops you’ll be able to add that pair trade to your own TradeStops portfolio and track alerts and gains on the pair trade. Let us know what you think of our major improvements to Tradestops.