They say that knowledge is power… and when it comes to investing, that knowledge can impact the health of your portfolio.

The secret to making smart decisions is to have as much information as possible…especially when it comes to your investment decisions.

To understand the best course of action, you need to consider data from three different sources: the past, the present, and the future.

Looking to the past can help you understand market trends… the volatility of a stock or sector of the market, or how a stock has performed over different time periods.

The past can also be a powerful learning tool that can help you recognize your own behavior patterns… understanding why losses happened, and how you could have maximized gains.

The future is where your goals are. Every move and decision you make now is designed to build a strong and secure portfolio to meet the goals you’ve set for your future.

And while no one can predict the future, anyone can prepare for it. Making a plan to deal proactively with every position – creating an exit plan before you even buy in – will take out the guesswork when it’s time to decide your next investment response.

But what you’ve learned from the past – and plan for the future – all boil down to one thing: making smart decisions… ones that make sense right now.

Ask yourself: Will buying this stock help you reach your goals? Will you be comfortable and confident in your purchase, or is it too risky for you? Does it help you create a well-rounded and diversified portfolio?

Bottom line: Is this a smart purchase?

These are all questions that you need to be able to answer… and answer with confidence… before buying any investment.

That’s why we’ve completely redesigned the charts in TradeStops 2.0.

Charts now have their own section in TradeStops, and we’ve added interactive features. It’s now easier than ever to have the exact information you need – right when you need it.

Portfolio charts let you see the current state of each of your positions, and of your portfolio as a whole. Adjustable time periods let you get a snapshot of where you are right now, or see an overview of past performance.

Research charts allow you to see the past behavior of a stock you’re considering, and try out hypotheticals… how different approaches would have worked out.

These new charts are based on years of research that went into developing Right Way Charts – currently in use by major publishers – and have been adapted for TradeStops to fit the needs of our members.

The new charts in TradeStops 2.0 puts this kind of easy to use, powerful data right at your fingertips.

Along with the other essential tools available to subscribers, TradeStops gives you the ability to make smart, informed investment decisions.

TradeStops 2.0 offers the guidance you need to deal responsibly with your current investment opportunities. This way you can make those crucial investing decisions as they’re needed and achieve the kind of results in line with your financial goals.

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