Often the decision to sell an investment is thought of as being an all-or-nothing strategy – in other words, at a certain point you might think your only choices are to either stay with a position or unload it entirely. Well, with TradeStops 2.0: The Added Value of Gain/Loss Alerts feature this will help you out.

Powerful and valuable tools like trailing stops are utilized as an exit strategy designed to maximize your gains when selling a position… and for getting out of losing stocks before the losses become unacceptable.

An exit strategy is a critically essential part of any well-prepared trader’s plan. Trailing stops are a core tool that should be utilized by every trader with every stock or option purchase they make.

But trading isn’t always an all-or-nothing proposition… it’s the incremental decisions made along the way that give traders more control over their portfolio and can turn a good trader into a great one.

Plus, knowing as much as possible about the current status of each of your positions lets you be more in control, so you can continue to make good investment choices concerning each position in your portfolios.

Gain/loss alerts can give you the information you’re looking for as you track the performance of each of your holdings.

Gain/loss alerts are exactly what they sound like: alerts that notify you when the price of a certain position has increased or decreased from the entry price by a specified amount.

TradeStops Complete subscribers have access to a number of different kinds of gain/loss alert options: percentage gain/loss alerts and dollar gain/loss alerts, as well as fixed price above/below alerts.

The percentage gain/loss alert allows you to be notified when a price is at a fixed percent above or below your entry price…for instance, closing 50% below the purchase price, or opening 100% above it.

Dollar gain/loss alerts work the same way, but allow you to receive an alert when the price reaches a specified dollar amount above or below the purchase price… such as $25 above the purchase price.

Fixed price above/below alerts are similar, and are also available to TradeStops Complete members under the “Price” alert tab. With fixed-price above/below alerts, you can set alerts based on reaching any specific price level… not just your purchase price.

But some may suppose that gain/loss alerts let you know when certain prices or percentage points are reached… but they’re only based on the purchase price.

So if they don’t adjust with the current price, as trailing stops do, why use them?

While trailing stops are an invaluable tool for knowing when you’ve reached the point when you’ve chosen to sell, they don’t give you the “rest of the story”.

There’s more you need to know when the time arrives for you to follow through on your predetermined decision to exit a portfolio position.

Most of us want more tools to make better choices. What if you want to be able to recoup your initial investment money – but still stay in the game – by selling half of your position size when a stock you own doubles in price?

Adding a gain/loss alert to your positions will let you know exactly when that opportunity has arrived…a fine-tuned, carefully chosen gain/loss alert based on a position’s price moving up or down can be just what you need to know to protect your gains and cut your losses.

In the example above – selling half of your position when it doubles in value – a simple “100% above” alert would give you the notification you need, when you need it.

The advantages of gain/loss alerts will give you yet another vital insight into the overall status of your portfolio. After all, the better informed you are… the better decisions you can make.

Used in conjunction with other strategies such as trailing stops alerts, you’ll have both the insight and control over your portfolio you need to make the decisions that meet your trading priorities.

These alerts and so much more are available to TradeStops Complete subscribers, and are part of a valuable suite of tools to help you track and monitor your investments.

You’ll be able to set and receive action alerts, carefully research your positions, and be able to make the choices that will move you closer to reaching your investing goals.

Learn more about a TradeStops Complete membership – and all of the new features and improvements available to all members who use TradeStops 2.0. Let us empower you to stay on top of your investments like never before. You have everything to gain and your financial resources to protect.

We’re so certain that you’ll find TradeStops Complete a powerfully helpful system that we guarantee your satisfaction with our 30-day, no-risk trial subscription. TradeStops Complete will show you a better, safer way to trade and invest, so don’t delay, subscribe today!

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