Well, this week in the stock market hasn’t had a good start. The DOW Futures saw a 450-point plunge on Monday morning. Though the markets did recover, Tuesday was not a good one in the markets, which were down 2% at one point. Wednesday saw more uncertainty, with the markets teetering in the positive and negative all day.

It’s certainly been a nerve-racking experience, but TradeSmith subscribers know that some stocks can weather a little more volatility than others. For example, we could expect Tesla to move (up or down) as much as 33%. Or Cara Therapeutics could swing by as much as 49%!

Some investors may even seek to enter trades when the market is down in the hopes of buying at a discount only for prices to come back up. But picking the right stocks can be difficult. That’s where newsletter recommendations can help. These recommendations are vetted by some of the best financial newsletter publishers. The editors’ time and energy go into making the picks so you can sit back and take advantage of it in the TradeSmith programs.

Ideas by TradeSmith

Newsletters will make recommendations, but it can sometimes be hard to tell when they published the recommendation. You might not want to invest in something that was recommended months ago.
This is where your Ideas by TradeSmith Dashboard can help you. Below Trending Stocks, you should see Newsletter Recommendations.

newsletter recommendations in Ideas by TradeSmith

Here, we’ll provide you with the five latest newsletter recommendations. You can click any of those ticker symbols to be brought to the Position Card Page. From there, you’ll be able to see more information on the stock — if it meets one of our strategy requirements, who else recommends it, and other general and fundamental statistics. It’s a fantastic way to begin analysis on a new potential stock opportunity.

You can also click the “Newsletters Recent Recommendations” title at the top of the section. This will bring you to the newsletter center in Ideas. All the positions will be organized based on days in SSI state. This is useful for finding those positions that have more recently entered a healthy state.


In TradeStops, there might not be a widget for newest newsletter recommendations, but we’re excited to say it is coming soon as a part of the exciting updates we’re making to the program! In the meantime, you can easily find this information from the Newsletters tab. Once you’ve clicked Newsletters from the top black header, simply select one of your publishers.

This will display the lists of recommendations that the newsletter currently has. You can arrange the data to see the most recent recommendations by clicking the Ref. Date column title.

Reference date column title example

This helps you quickly and easily see the most recently recommended positions. From there, as with Ideas, you can click the ticker symbols to see more information on the stock. This will bring you to the Stock Analyzer, which is different than the Ideas Position Card Page. Here, you will find basic stock information, the performance chart, and some stop loss strategies.

As always, before you invest in any stock, make sure to thoroughly investigate the position to determine whether it fits with your own personal investing philosophy.

Bulletin Board

Speaking of information, Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud recently held an exciting webinar. They covered how to adjust your position views. This helps you see the information that’s most important to you — say if you’re a value investor or looking for dividends. You can catch the replay here.

When looking for stocks to buy, one must also consider retirement. How can we make our money work for us as retirement comes closer? Some rely on Target-Date Funds. And, though these may be more conservative, they aren’t for everyone. TradeSmith explains why in his latest editorial.

Signing off

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Insider Update. Even when the markets are volatile, it’s still possible to find good stock ideas. And, TradeSmith can help you find them via your newsletter recommendations. Ideas by TradeSmith places all recent recommendations in one convenient location, and soon, TradeStops will too!

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. Our email is [email protected]. And, be sure to pay close attention to your emails. We have more very exciting news and updates that we just can’t wait to share with you. They’ll be here sooner than you think!

Until next week,
TradeSmith Customer Success Team