There are a lot of stock recommendations out there. Knowing which ones to follow can be hard. With TradeStops, we make it easier for you. Our Lifetime tool, the Pure Quant, can analyze any collection of stocks and filter out the ones that are not performing well based on our indicators.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Pure Quant. You’ll see just how easy it can be to build the best portfolio out of a list of recommended stocks.

Accessing Pure Quant

The Pure Quant tool is available to Lifetime members. Even if you aren’t a lifetime member, you might find the information interesting, so stay tuned.

You can find Pure Quant in the Research section of TradeStops. Just click Research and then click Pure Quant to bring it up.

Click Pure Quant

Once the Pure Quant displays, there are a few sections to work with. We’ll go over each section one at a time to make it easy to understand.

Picking a Portfolio

First, you’ll need to pick a portfolio.

Select a portfolio

Just click the white box where it says to select a portfolio. Once you click the box, a list of portfolios and newsletters will appear. Click the one that you would like to analyze. You can even select multiple portfolio if you’d like.

Establishing an Investment and Number of Stocks

Once you pick your portfolio or newsletter, you need to tell the program how much money you want to invest in the new portfolio and how many stocks you want to have.

Decide your investment amount

Like with all the other TradeStops research tools, you don’t need to enter the dollar sign or comma when you type in your investment amount. You just have to type the numbers. We’ll do the rest for you.

Once you established your investment amount and number of positions, click the green analyze button, and the results will display.

Looking at Results

There is a lot of information that we provide about the stocks.


We’ll rank the positions for you, let you know the SSI, VQ, and Latest Close, and tell you the Position Size information.

You may have noticed in the photo above that the Pure Quant only returned 4 results when we asked for 15. This is because the Pure Quant has very specific criteria that stocks must meet to be included in the list.

The Quant Algorithm removes all positions that are not in a Green SSI state, have an average VQ of over 40%, and have had a negative gain since SSI Entry.

So… the four positions in the picture above have satisfied Pure Quant’s requirements to be included in our new portfolio.

Editing Results

Perhaps there is a position included in the results that you don’t like. That’s okay! You can remove it. To the left of the ticker symbol, there’s a little check mark. You can uncheck this and then click update results.

Edit Results

Once you click Update results, the unchecked position will no longer be included in your new portfolio. The position sizes of the remaining positions will update, and you’ll have a newly balanced portfolio.

Saving as a New Portfolio

If you aren’t quite ready to buy this new portfolio, that’s okay. You can save it as a Watch Portfolio here in TradeStops.

Below the results, there should be a green Save as New Portfolio button.

Save as new portfolio

You will be prompted to fill out a form to save this new portfolio. Once you fill it out, you can find this new portfolio on the Portfolios tab in TradeStops. From there, you can watch the portfolio to see how it would perform in the market based on the Pure Quant analysis.

Note: Adding the unchecked positions is only available when saving as a watch portfolio. This is because the unchecked positions all have zero shares. Investment portfolios require the number of shares for a position to be greater than zero.

Check out Pure Quant Today

When you’re thinking about investing in a new portfolio, the Pure Quant tool is the place to go. It can quickly take many recommendations and pair them down to be more manageable.

If you want to learn more about putting Pure Quant to work for you, then you might enjoy Tom Meyer’s recent webinar How to Make Pure Quant Work for You.

Go check out the Pure Quant tool today. If you aren’t a lifetime member and would like more information, please feel free to contact our customer success team at [email protected].

To your portfolios,

Customer Success Team