We hope that your holiday season has been merry and bright so far. Here at TradeSmith, we’ve been hard at work to bring you another new feature. This new feature is easy to use, and we’re sure you’re really going to love it.

What is the New Feature?

We’re glad you asked! When you’re logged into a TradeSmith product, you should see your name in the top right corner of the program. If you click your name, you’ll see the new feature.

menu drop-down after clicking your name

You can now see all of the various products that we offer in this menu. The best part is that you can easily switch between products with a simple click.

For example, if you were in Ideas by TradeSmith and wanted to review something in TradeStops, you’d need only click TradeStops from this menu. You don’t have to type the URL anymore! It’s a great time-saver and can make researching a position across products more efficient.

Using the Switch Feature Fully

When you initially use this feature, it might ask you to log into the other program. Rather than having to log in every single time you switch, you can use the “keep me logged in” feature on the login screen of each program.

log in screen highlighting the keep me logged in feature

If you click this check box, a message will appear. You will need to accept (or decline) using this feature. Note that you should only use this feature with a personal computer. Don’t do this with a public computer — like at the library or a friend’s house. Someone else could gain access to your account if you use the log in feature on a public computer.

Once you set up this feature, it makes switching between programs even easier. You won’t have to enter your credentials again for two weeks when switching between programs. Again, just be sure to only use this on a personal computer.

Bulletin Board

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Signing off

We hope that you enjoy the new ability to easily switch between TradeSmith programs. It can really help you optimize your experience researching investments across products. Our Customer Success team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about it. And, if you’re curious about a program you don’t yet own, be sure to ask about that too.


TradeSmith Customer Success Team