Last week, we discussed managing your positions so you know exactly how they’re performing in the market relative to our indicators. We covered a lot, and there’s still more to make this even easier! Today, we’ll cover your program settings.

So, let’s login and see how you can customize TradeStops to make managing your positions even easier.

Accessing Settings

Accessing your Settings in TradeStops is easy. Simply click your name in the upper right corner, and then click Settings.

Click Settings
This brings you to the Settings area of TradeStops where you can customize the program to your liking. On the left side of the page, there is a menu with various options to choose from.

Settings – Contact
Whichever option is darkened is the area that you are currently viewing. By default, you are brought to the Contact page. In Contact, you can change your password, change your name, and update your address.

Please note that this area also contains your primary email address. You are not able to change this field. To change your primary email, please contact our Customer Success team at [email protected]. They will need to know your old email address as well as the new one.

Settings – Subscription

The Subscription section gives you an overview of which level of service you are subscribed to with TradeStops.

Settings – Subscription
In this area, you can contact our customer success team to enroll in automatic renewal and change your credit card. If you are not a Lifetime member, you can also upgrade your account.

Settings – Site

This is where the fun begins! With the Site section, you can customize the page you see when you first login to TradeStops.

Settings – Site

Simply click the drop-down to see the list of available options. You can then click one of those options to make it your default page. For example, if we selected Portfolios, we would be brought to the Portfolios page each time we log into TradeStops.

You can further customize your default tabs.

Default Tabs

Just like you did with Site Entry, click the drop-downs to view your available options. These will become the default tabs you see when working with the program. For example, if we select Watch Only, we will see our Watch Only portfolios when we go to the Portfolios tab.

Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done with your changes.

Settings – Notification

Let’s continue the TradeStops customization with your Notifications. In this area, you can add your cell phone number so you get text message alerts. What’s fun is that you can select the timeframe of when you receive alerts from us.

Settings – Notification

In the picture above, you’ll see that we would receive alerts from 8AM to 10PM. If you want to customize the time, just click and move the small gray boxes to the left and right. You’ll see the time change above it.

Settings – Positions

The customization continues with Positions. Here you have numerous possibilities for customizing which information you see with your positions.

Settings – Positions
  • You can set up your default currency for your portfolio. Please note that individual positions will always show in the local currency it is traded in on the stock exchange.
  • In addition, you can set your default commission. Note that this will only affect portfolios moving forward. Any that you have set up prior to this won’t be affected.
  • The Re-Entry rule is exciting. If you set this to yes, we will create a watch list for positions that you close. Then, we will alert you when it’s time to get back in those positions.

Settings – Alerts

Our alerts help you know how your positions are doing in the market. Since they act as a call to action, it’s important to pay attention to them. Once again, we give you full control over your alerts.

Settings – Alerts
  • Automatic alerts are useful when syncing your account. Instead of going through each position individually to add the same alert, this setting will do it for you. Simply click the drop-down, and select the alert you want to use.
  • Alert volume lets you control how many of the same alert you receive from us. For example, pretend that AAA stock triggered an Entry Signal. With our current settings, we would only get one email about this.
  • Remove triggered alerts takes an alert off a position once it has been triggered.
  • Additional alerts are special alert emails that you receive from us for free. These can be helpful, for example, if you are closely following the VQ of a certain stock and want to know when the VQ% goes up.

Check out your settings now

Get off to the right start in 2018 and customize your TradeStops account. It will help you better monitor and track your positions as well as customize the program to your needs.

So, login now, and try working with your settings today. Make 2018 be your best trading year yet.


Customer Success Team