Thanksgiving may only come once a year. At TradeStops however, we want to help you optimize your portfolios so you have a reason to be thankful all year long. That is why we are constantly striving to give you the very best.

TradeStops recently updated our Lifetime tool, the Pure Quant. It was already helping you be a successful self-directed investor, but it now provides you with additional information to make even more well-informed decisions.

How do I access Pure Quant?

Pure Quant is found in the Research section of the TradeStops program. Simply click Research, and then click Pure Quant.

Accessing Pure Quant

Customizable Choices

Our Pure Quant tool helps you build an optimized portfolio. There is no more guesswork on which stocks you should add to a new portfolio that you’re considering investing in. The Pure Quant tool applies our algorithms and selects the strongest stocks.

Select a newsletter and/or portfolio from the drop-down.

Choose portfolios and newsletters

The best part is that you can select multiple newsletters and portfolios. Our system will analyze all the positions in the newsletter(s) and portfolio(s) that you select. To remove a selected portfolio or all selected portfolios simply select the “x” next to the newsletter or portfolio.

Then, simply tell us how much money you want to invest and in how many positions.

Select an investment amount
By telling us how much you want to invest, you have full control. No one will dictate how much of your money that you need to use at one time. You can enter as much or as little as you would like to invest in this new portfolio.

Note: We do not take into consideration the effects of commissions or taxes when running the Quant Algorithm. It is based solely on mathematics and the activity of the stock in the market.

Your New Portfolio

After selecting your newsletters/portfolios and selecting your investment amount, click Run Research. Your new portfolio will display in a matter of moments.

Pure Quant results

With our algorithms to back you up, you can build a brand-new portfolio quickly. You wouldn’t need to spend hours at your computer screen pouring over data and analysis. We do it for you so you save time and energy.

Customizable Results

Part of our upgrade to the Pure Quant is the Source and Sector columns.

Source and sector

Notice that some of the choices are in the same sector. Maybe you don’t want to be invested in materials. With a few simple clicks, you can change the results.
  1. Click the green check mark to the left of the ticker you don’t want to include
  2. The white box to the left of a different ticker that you do want to include.
  3. Then “update results.”

Update Your Results
With those simple clicks, the results are balanced again with the new choices that you made. You have full control over your new portfolio.

Saving the Data

Once you have made all desired changes, you have three options. You can save the portfolio (1), export (2), or print (3).

Save as new portfolio
Saving your portfolio is especially helpful if you perhaps want to watch and see how this portfolio would perform. Simply click the green Save as New Portfolio button (1). A pop up will appear.

Save dialog box
Make sure to click the green Save button once you are done. The portfolio will then be saved to the Portfolios tab in TradeStops.

Happy Thanksgiving and Future Investing

We hope that you enjoy this new update to Pure Quant just in time for Thanksgiving. The updates can help you today and all throughout the year in building new, optimized portfolios with just a few simple clicks.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Customer Success Team