One of the most powerful features of TradeStops is the ability to synchronize your portfolios with a large number of online brokerage firms. This makes it easy to follow your investment portfolios on the TradeStops site.

But it’s also easy to set up and follow your investment portfolios even if you don’t synchronize them with your brokerage firm.

We’ll show you how to do both.

Whether you’re going to synchronize with an online brokerage firm or set up your portfolio manually, the first thing is to click on the “Create Portfolios” icon on the TradeStops home page.


This opens up a new window and it’s here that we start for either synchronizing a portfolio or setting one up manually.


For those wanting to synchronize their portfolio, our system works with the following brokerage firms:
TD Ameritrade
Fidelity (401k)
Charles Schwab
Wells Fargo
Capital One Investing
Merrill Edge
Morgan Stanley
T. Rowe Price (Investment)
Ameriprise Financial
Edward Jones

If you have one of these brokerage firms, you’ll then go to the next step which is to enter the User ID and Password of your brokerage account.


Be sure that you are logged out of your brokerage firm account so that the bank-level encryption can exchange information with your brokerage firm.

It takes just a few minutes for this to occur and when it is finished, you’ll receive a notification that the account has been synchronized.


Your portfolio is now set up in TradeStops showing the last four numbers as the identifying characteristic.


For those wanting to set up a manual portfolio, you’ll start by clicking on the “Manual” tab in the new portfolio window. Then you’ll fill in the name of the portfolio, how much cash (or money market) you’ll be holding, and any notes about the portfolio.


After you save the portfolio, this is how it will show up on your TradeStops portfolio page.


You can then enter the positions in your portfolio by going to the “Positions and Alerts” tab, choosing the portfolio from the dropdown on the upper left, and then clicking on the green “Add Position” button.


We created a short video to show you the steps on the TradeStops website itself. Here is the link for the video: Creating Investment Portfolios in TradeStops

For the questions you have, please check out our Help Center which is accessible from either of these two links.


The most successful TradeStops members are those who take the time to use the Help Center. The answers to most of your questions are there and they’re easy to find. Just click and search.

We’ve made it simple for you to set up your portfolios. It will take a little time at the beginning if the TradeStops site is new to you, but will become easy as you get used to it.

And we’re here to help you along the way.

Tom Meyer
Education Director, TradeStops