One of our goals here at TradeSmith is to help make you a more self-directed investor. That means providing you with the tools to make investing even easier.

As many of you know, TradeStops recently went through a big update. We created a whole new dashboard and improved much of the functionality and usability. The feedback our Customer Success team has received so far has been great!

Marina Stroud, our Product Education Specialist, recently hosted a Getting Started webinar that covers all the updates. TradeSmith even made an appearance! You can catch that replay here.

Today, though, we’ll cover a brand-new update that our engineers developed this week. It lets you quickly add multiple alerts when setting up a new manual portfolio. This update is a fantastic way to track stocks with just a few simple clicks.

So, go ahead and login so you can follow along with this latest update.

Add a manual portfolio

Once you’ve selected to add a new manual portfolio from the Portfolios tab, you’ll have to fill answer some questions about the portfolio first.

portfolio form

Did you notice the Portfolio Settings? If you click that link, you’ll see the currency, commission, cash, and notes options. These settings aren’t required fields.

Below that, simply add the tickers you’d like to include in the new manual portfolio.

adding manual positions

You’ll notice in the screenshot above that we haven’t included entry information for CVX. That’s because the entry date and entry price aren’t required.

Once you click Save Portfolio, you’ll see our latest update. We think you’re really going to love it!

add alerts pop-up page

On the page that appears, you’ll get to quickly add some alerts to all the positions your just created. You can add an SSI, VQ, trailing stop, and latest close alert.

Remember that we added three positions when creating this portfolio; but did you notice the last option — latest close alert — is only available for two positions? That is because our third position, CVX, didn’t have an entry price. So, if you want to have a latest close alert, you’d need an Entry Price.

To add any of these alerts, just toggle the button on or off. Then, click Add Alerts. From there, all the selected alerts will be added to all the positions. It’s that easy!

Bulletin Board

We know there’s a lot to learn with the latest updates to the TradeStops program. That’s why Marina Stroud has been hosting some educational webinars.

As we mentioned above, Marina’s latest Getting Started webinar was last week and walked you through all the updates to the TradeStops program to help you get you started on your journey with TradeSmith. TradeSmith even joined in on the webinar to offer his insights. You can watch the replay here.

In her second webinar (hosted yesterday), Marina took attendees on a deep-dive into several of the new updates. This includes the comprehensive Dashboard, the new process for working with Portfolios, and how to set up alerts. Go ahead and watch the replay now!

And, Marina has another webinar coming up tomorrow. This one will take you through the updates to the TradeStops research tools, setting up alert templates, and how to customize TradeStops to your liking. Make sure to register for it here.

Until Next Week

We hope that you enjoy the latest update to the TradeStops program. Our whole team is committed to helping you become a more self-directed, independent investor. That’s why we’re always seeking to improve our programs.

The new alert feature makes it even easier to quickly add the most popular alerts to the new positions in a manual portfolio. It saves you the time of editing each position one at a time for your desired alerts.

If you have any questions, or even feature enhancement suggestions, please let us know! We’re always happy to hear from you. Our email is: [email protected].

Signing off,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team

P.S. In case you missed our review of all the exciting updates we made to the program in last week’s Insider, log in to your TradeStops account and then click this link for a special, self-guided tour at your own pace. Again, please reach out to us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions!