Hello, TradeSmith Family,

The recent weeks in the market have been interesting, to say the least. It’s been like a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs. Keeping track of everything going on in your portfolio lately might seem like a bit of a challenge. And, conducting further research on your portfolio (or even new positions) can seem even harder.

That’s where the newly improved TradeStops Dashboard can help you.

You can access all the research tools available to you in TradeStops directly from the Dashboard. The tools are never more than just a few clicks away.

The Dashboard also shows you your portfolio distribution, equity performance, winning and losing stocks, and recent events — among other things.

The TradeStops Dashboard can show you trending stocks, info on your watchlists, newsletter recommendations, the latest editorials from TradeSmith, and even has a Help center.

Let’s login and review everything the Dashboard has to offer.

Dashboard Research Tools

Longtime members of TradeStops should be familiar with the Research tab in the top black header of the program. Instead of needing to go through that Research tab, you can now use the simple action carousel on the Dashboard. All of your research tools are just a few clicks away!

actions carousel

You can click the arrows to the left and right of the carousel to scroll between the various options available. To activate one of the options, just click on it. You’ll then be brought to that tool. Simple, right?

Selecting a Portfolio

To get the analysis on any one of your portfolios, simply select which portfolio you’d like to review by selecting from the drop-down box in the upper left-hand corner of the Dashboard.

select a portfolio

The text above the drop-down box will confirm which portfolio you’re reviewing.

To the right of the portfolio drop-down, you’ll find some basic information about your portfolio.

basic portfolio performance.

This overview is a great place to get a quick look at how your portfolio is performing from day to day. Something new to this area — available for our Pro and Lifetime members — is the Diversification Quotient.

We calculate the Diversification Quotient (DQ) with our proprietary Diversification Algorithms. The lower the number, the more correlated the stocks in your portfolio are. The higher the number, the more diversified the stocks in your portfolio are.

Once you’ve selected a portfolio, the widgets below this basic data will update to reflect your selected portfolio. It’s a great way to visualize how your portfolio has been performing.

Portfolio Distribution

This widget will show you the health breakdown of your positions, asset allocation, and PVQ for your portfolio.

portfolio distribution

In the screenshot above, note that Health (SSI) has a blue line under it. That means we’re currently viewing the health of our portfolio. To switch to the Asset Allocation or Risk (VQ), we’d just need to click the option we want to see and the widget will update. The option you’re viewing will always have a blue line under it.

Also notice the action items located at the bottom of these menus. Each action item is customized to the data that you’re viewing (i.e. Health vs. Asset Allocation vs Risk/VQ). Many of the widgets on our Dashboards contain these action items.

Portfolio Equity Performance

To the right of the Portfolio Distribution, you’ll find your portfolio’s equity performance.

portfolio performance

The green and red lines represent your portfolio’s performance. Green means a gain and red means a loss. The purple line represents the market you’re comparing the portfolio to. In this case, we’re comparing our portfolio to the S&P 500.

Did you notice the drop-down options at the top of this section? You can click these options to customize the chart for comparison market and date range. You can even compare the performance of one of your portfolios to another one of your portfolios. And all it takes is a couple of clicks!

Winners and Losers

Below Portfolio Distribution, you’ll find your top winning and losing stocks.

winners and losers

Just like with the Portfolio Distribution, there’s a menu on top to switch between your options. A blue line will be under the active item you’re viewing. In the example above, we’re looking at our top winners.

To see more information on your top winners and losers, just click on the ticker symbols. That will bring you to the Position Card Page.

Recent Events

To the right of the Winners & Losers widget, you’ll find recent events for your selected portfolio.

recent events

At the top of this widget, there’s a drop-down menu. You can switch between alerts triggered, purchased positions, and sold positions.

Just like with the top winners and losers, you can click the ticker to see more information about that position. If a position is no longer in your portfolio (say you deleted it), you won’t be able to click the ticker, though. You can see this with the example of SNAP and IBM in the screenshot above.

Generalized Widgets

Below your portfolio-specific widgets, you’ll find some more basic widgets. These widgets highlight stocks that are trending in TradeSmith, newsletter recommendations, your watchlist, recent TradeSmith editorials, and the Help Center.

The Trending Stocks widget shows you the most popular stocks across TradeSmith by volume of user searches. As with the rest of TradeStops, you can click the ticker to see more information about the position. If the position appears in any newsletters you’re subscribed to, you’ll see that information, too. If you have Ideas by TradeSmith, you’ll also see if the stock meets any strategy requirements. To see the list of newsletters or strategies, you’d just click the hyperlinked number.

trending stocks

The newsletter widget will show you recently recommended positions from your newsletters. As always, you can click the tickers to see more information.

newsletter recommendations

My Watchlist shows you positions that have recently entered the green zone across all your watchlist portfolios.

my watchlist

Below the watchlist, you’ll find the two latest editorials from TradeSmith and our Help Center. To access any of this data, all you’d need to do is click the various links.

TradeSmith Insights and Help Center

Bulletin Board

Wow! We covered a lot of information today, but we wanted to make sure we highlighted everything that the Dashboard has to offer.

Marina Stroud, our Product Education Specialist, has been hosting some great educational webinars recently. They cover everything TradeStops has to offer from portfolios to positions to research — all for free to our users. She has a few webinars coming up, and she’d love for you to join.

TradeStops Essentials: Maintain Broker Synchronization

June 14 at 1 p.m. Eastern

In this training webinar, Marina will show you how to troubleshoot the most common synchronization issues.

TradeStops Essentials: Add Alerts and Create Templated Alerts

June 17 at 1 p.m. Eastern

In this training webinar, Marina will review the Volatility Quotient (VQ), which is the heart of the TradeSmith system, and the Stock State Indicator (SSI). She will show you how to add your alerts and create your very own templated alerts.

TradeStops Essentials: Edit Your Portfolios, Positions, and Alerts

June 21 at 1 p.m. Eastern

In this training webinar, Marina will take you through the various edit features available for your portfolios, positions, and alerts. You will also learn how to adjust the columns of information to meet your investment needs.

As a bonus…

The TradeStops Billionaire’s Club was introduced two years ago. We just recently added 10 new investors with different management styles from the original billionaires. Tom Meyer and Marina will look at some of the new billionaires and how you can follow their investments using TradeStops. You can register for that webinar here.

Until Next Week

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Insider Update. The TradeStops Dashboard can help you see how your portfolio is performing. It also provides a plethora of other useful information like trending stocks, newsletter recommendations, and so much more.

There’s a lot to learn with the Dashboard, but we want to help you get up to speed as quickly and easily as possible. If you have any questions, please let us know. Our email is [email protected]. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Signing off for now,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team