Last week, we covered the basics of using TradeStops on your current and watch positions. Today, we’ll cover using the TradeStops research tools to find great new investment ideas.

The Stock Analyzer

The Stock Analyzer can be found in the Research tab of TradeStops. When working with the Stock Analyzer, you’ll first need to enter a ticker, specify the trade type, and choose the entry date.

showing first step on Stock Analyzer

Just click the green Analyze button to see the results for the ticker you chose.

At the top of the results page, you’ll see the ticker information along with the Stock State Indicator and Volatility Quotient.

stock analyzer top results

You can also find the Stop Loss Strategies based on the SSI, VQ, and a 25% trailing stop. This area is a good place to start when you’re considering adding a new position to your portfolio. We make it easy for you to compare the current close price to what your stop price would be.

Below the stop loss strategies, you’ll find the chart for the position.

chart for stock on Stock Analyzer

We include our indicators on the chart so you can see how the stock is performing relative to TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms. You can edit the information you see on the chart by using the legend found to the left of the chart.

Position Size Calculator

Once you’ve found a position you like in the Stock Analyzer, your next step could be to utilize the Position Size Calculator. This tool will help you determine the best position size for you based on your risk tolerances and preferences.

In the first section of the Position Size Calculator, enter your ticker information and choose long or short.

enter a ticker

After you enter the ticker, you’ll need to choose how much you’re willing to risk in this new investment.

position size calculator showing risk options

The active amount of risk is colored in dark gray. To switch between the risk amounts, simply click the other option. If you choose custom, just type the amount you’re willing to risk.

Note: You don’t need to include the dollar sign.

At the bottom, choose your stop-out method.

position calculator stop-out types
We’ll tell you what the stop-out price would be based on the stop you choose. To make an option active, simply click it. Once again, the active option is colored in dark gray.

After you click Calculate, the results will display. We’ll tell you the investable amount, the number of shares to buy, and your stop-out price. This final analysis is a great way to help you decide if you want to invest in this new position.

Try These Tools Today

We hope these tools can help you when you’re looking for new investments. Both these tools are easy to use once you’re familiar with them. So, login and see how they work today.

Until next time,

Customer Success Team