Hello, TradeSmith Family,

November is here. That means cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and spending time with family. And while you’re busy with family and other priorities, the TradeSmith suite of tools can help you focus on what’s most important without worrying about what’s happening with your portfolio.

Today, we’ll provide you with some helpful tools to better utilize TradeStops and Crypto by TradeSmith. Plus, we have a very exciting announcement for our Ideas by TradeSmith program. You won’t want to miss any of it!


First off, we’d like to say “Welcome!” to all of our new TradeStops subscribers. We’re so happy to have you as part of the TradeSmith family. And, of course, we have a big “Welcome back!” to all of our existing subscribers who read our Insider Update each week.

There’s a lot to learn in our TradeStops program. The system covers everything from alerts to position sizing, stock research, and portfolio analysis and building. All of this information can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to be. We have several resources available to help you.

Our extensive Knowledge Base covers every aspect of the program. It’s neatly organized into various sections with related articles. Be sure to check it out!

For those who prefer video over reading, be sure to register for our upcoming “Getting Started” webinar. On Nov. 7, Marina Stroud will get you up to speed on using the TradeStops platform. Whether you’re new to the program or a seasoned TradeStops veteran, there’s something for everyone in this webinar!

Crypto By TradeSmith

Investing in cryptocurrencies isn’t an easy business when you’re first getting started. There are various wallets and exchanges and trading pairs to understand.

For those just getting started in crypto and Crypto by TradeSmith, we have some useful guides on our TradeSmith University site. These guides will help you learn:

  • The basics of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain
  • How to set up a crypto wallet
  • How to find your public key
  • How to buy bitcoin
  • Video tutorials

If you need help learning how to use Crypto by TradeSmith, make sure to review our Knowledge Base and our webinars. These two areas can really help you learn how to get the most out of your subscriptions and become a more well-informed crypto investor.

Ideas by TradeSmith

Ideas by TradeSmith brought TradeSmith’s most successful investing strategies from the pages of his editorials right to your fingertips.

Now, we’re doubling down on Ideas by TradeSmith to make it even better for you. In just a couple of weeks, we’ll launch a fully upgraded version of the program. We’re affectionately calling it Ideas by TradeSmith 2.0.

All current Ideas by TradeSmith subscribers will automatically receive this update.

We’re expanding our Market Health Section, adding more trading methods in TradeSmith’s Lab, creating a whole new newsletter section, and expanding our Stock Finder. We think you’re really going to love the update!

For those not subscribed to Ideas by TradeSmith, that’s OK. You can still get in on this exciting update. We’ve created a special “early bird” offer ahead of the release. You can check out the announcement by clicking the button below.

   Click for Video    

Now is the best time possible to not only put the awesome Ideas by TradeSmith to work helping you find great new stock ideas, but get all the enhancements, too!

Bulletin Board

Tom Meyer and Marina hosted a very informative webinar on Halloween, covering the shortcuts to TradeStops proficiency. You can catch the replay here.

Did you know we post daily about the latest crypto news? It’s true! If you have a Crypto by TradeSmith account, be sure to check out our Crypto News Round-Ups.

And, for those of you looking forward to our Ideas by TradeSmith update, make sure to watch your inbox. We’ll let you know about all the updates and all the new functionality that comes along with it.

Signing off

We hope the resources we’ve shared for TradeStops and Crypto by TradeSmith help you in fully utilizing both programs. There’s so much to learn, and the programs really can help you on your way to becoming a more well-informed investor.

And, we’re so excited to be releasing Ideas by TradeSmith 2.0. We’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as the enhancements go live. If you aren’t yet subscribed to Ideas by TradeSmith, make sure to check out the early bird announcement. It’s a super informative video, and we’re sure you’ll love what our team has to say.

Until next time,
TradeSmith Success Team