Dear TradeStops Subscriber,

Last week, we let it slip that our programmers and engineers are working on major enhancements to TradeStops.

Of course, the techies are extremely careful about letting the cat out of the bag too soon, but we don’t think they’ll mind if we give you a quick peek behind the curtain.

One thing we know about our customers is they are extremely engaged investors.

So we’re always asking ourselves, “What can we do to give you even more information about what’s going on inside your portfolio?”

We know you do an incredible amount of research on the stocks you buy before you buy them.

Soon, you’ll be able to conduct research on how a particular stock will affect your overall risk… without having to actually purchase that stock.

We’re also working on other tools that will give you the ability to manage risk with more precision than ever before…

All in all, our next major product enhancement will allow you to manage risk at a level that’s unheard of even in the top multi-billion dollar investing firms.

In the meantime, we’ve also upgraded the position cards with a visual enhancement to make it easier to see the SSI and VQ. Here’s a quick screenshot…

Stay tuned for more!

To Your Success,

The TradeStops Customer Success Team