Who said that presents are only for the kids during the holiday season? Our elves have been hard at work developing a new present especially for you to help with your investment strategies. What is this new present all nestled with care in the TradeStops program? It’s the Copy Position feature.

How Does It Work?
This new feature will let you copy any position (even a synchronized position) and move it to a different portfolio. The process is simple.

  1. Go to the Positions and Alerts tab within TradeStops.
  2. Click the little white box to the left of the position you want to copy.
  3. Click copy.


4. Select the portfolio where you want to move the portfolio.


(Note: You won’t be able to move a position to a synchronized portfolio.)

Why Should I Copy a Position?
There are numerous reasons to copy a position. We will discuss some examples here, but we are sure that you will come up with even more unique ways to use this new tool.

Let’s say that you want to organize your positions based on the SSI colors. This would be very easy to do. You would simply make three portfolios, one for each color. After doing that, you could copy your positions into this color-coded system.

You could also organize your positions by the VQ%. You could create four portfolios for low, medium, high, and sky-high risk. This would let you easily keep track of which of your positions carry more risk than others.


Different Purchase Lots? No problem!
How do you show the correct cost basis when you’ve made multiple purchases of the same stock and the sync feature won’t do it? Use the copy feature! With the “copy position” feature, you can duplicate the stock and show the respective cost basis with the entry price, entry date, and shares in a dedicated portfolio.

Use it for Research
Many of our customers employ our tagging feature. This is a quick way to organize your positions across different portfolios. The problem with this? You cannot organize your positions based on tags when you use our Risk Rebalancer.

This is where the copy position feature comes in.

Let’s say you have positions in gold and silver in two different portfolios, and you want to rebalance based on gold and silver separately.

The copy position feature will let you organize the gold and silver positions into two portfolios – one for gold and one for silver. From there, you could use the Rebalancer based on gold and silver, separately.


The Possibilities Are Endless
The “copy position” feature is super versatile. You will be able to use it any number of ways to improve your investment strategies and management. We hope that you enjoy this present from our elf team. Be on the lookout for new improvements. We always strive to improve our system for you. Happy holidays!


TradeStops Success Team