As you already know, TradeStops is the industry’s best site for managing your individual stocks and portfolios. These tools help tens of thousands of investors to invest more intelligently and have a greater opportunity to make more money.

But possibly the best tool within TradeStops is available to every subscriber and it’s even available to non-subscribers.

And that tool is TradeSmith himself!

TradeSmith delivers two editorials every week in which he teaches you about the TradeStops tools and how they can help you become a better investor. And he’s always looking for new opportunities and strategies that investors can use to make money in the stock markets.

Accessing his articles is easy, just click on the “Blog” circle at the bottom of the Welcome page.


A new window opens up and the editorials and other educational articles are laid out in reverse chronological order.


But there are dozens of articles. And going through all of them can take a lot of time. So we’re going to make things easier for you. Here are some of the most important articles that TradeSmith and his team have written. And we have categorized them according to the articles’ focus.

Investment Philosophy and Tools

There were a series of articles in June, 2015 that give a great overview to trailing stops and the evolution of just using fixed percentage trailing stops to stops that are based on the actually volatility of the underlying stocks themselves. Some of the verbiage that is used in these articles is not used today. But the theories are well-explained and they’re a good starting point for understanding the TradeStops underlying philosophies.

Here are those articles:

What it Takes to be a Successful Investor, Part I

Successful Investing Part II

Successful Investing Part III

There is another good article from June, 2015 that discusses volatility-based investing.

Volatility Based Investing

Recently, TradeSmith has had a series of editorials that highlight the power of the SSI Entry signal and the advantages of buying on strength rather than trying to pick a bottom. These started in October and will continue into November.

The first article discusses the success rate and potential profitability of waiting for a new SSI Entry signal to be generated.

Going Green

The second article in the series investigates how long winning stocks should be held (and the answer will surprise you).

Capturing Crazy Gains

The next article in the series generated a large amount of member questions and comments. Everyone knows how much they stand to lose in any trade. The question that everyone wants to know is….

How Much Can I Gain?

The latest article examines the success rate of buying into a stock after it has already started moving higher.

When is it too Late to Buy?

Investment Strategies Based on the TradeStops SSI Signals

TradeSmith has instructed his research team to find quantitative strategies that use the TradeStops SSI Entry and Stop signals to create potentially profitable trades.

The first of these is the simplest. We wanted to know if we could outperform the S&P 500 by using only the ETF that represents the S&P 500 (SPY). The answer is a resounding yes.

How to Crush the S&P 500

The next strategy involves sector rotation. TradeSmith wanted to see if using just 9 ETFs that represent different sectors could be used to beat the market. Of all the newsletters written in 2016, this one generated the most response and questions from our members.

Triple the S&P 500 with Just 9 ETFs

We created a separate document that explores the 9 Sector ETF strategy in greater detail.

The TradeStops Sector ETF Strategy

Our research team continues to look for other strategies that are fairly simple to execute and have the potential to generate positive returns for our members.

Investor Behavior

TradeSmith is very interested in understanding what causes investors to make the decisions that they ultimately make. He has discussed these behaviors in several of the editorials.

A recent article from May looks at different cognitive biases that ruin investors’ results.

Do You Need Financial Therapy?

And in September, TradeSmith wrote about the fear of regret and how that is the…

The Single Biggest Threat to Our Success

Market Updates

Finally, most every Friday, TradeSmith shares with you his views on the financial markets. Topics can include stock markets, commodities (gold and oil in particular), bonds, the dollar, etc. He shares the proprietary tools he has developed over the last 20 years to help you differentiate between noise in the markets and what is actually happening.

Sometimes he’ll even unearth a strategy that is rare to find, but has had very successful results. He found an interesting trade on the DJIA using his Seasonal Trader website.

The Most Remarkable Trade of the Year

Feel free to share these editorials with your friends who are also interested in investing. No reason to keep this powerful resource to yourself. And if you have any questions, send an email to [email protected]

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