A short while ago, we introduced the Pure Quant research tool to TradeStops. Its purpose is to help increase your profits quickly. Pure Quant–available at the Lifetime level, puts TradeSmith’s most powerful, proprietary quantitative algorithms to work by helping you create a fully optimized, risk-balanced portfolio in just a few clicks.

And you can do it in less than 7 minutes.

Let’s dive in and look at three big ways Pure Quant helps you save time while building a portfolio that can help you make more and risk less.

Pure Quant is easy

Simply go to the Research tab in TradeStops and select Pure Quant. Then, choose a portfolio, your investable amount, and how many positions you would like in your new portfolio. Finally, click Run Research.

Click this link to see a short video and screen shots of how easy it is to increase your profits when you use the Pure Quant Portfolio Builder.

Benefit 1: Time Saver – Quickly explore high-performing positions

Chances are you have a few watch portfolios with TradeStops. Maybe you are subscribed to some newsletters too. With the Pure Quant tool, you don’t have to spend hours researching these potential new investments.

You can run any portfolio you own, watch, or are subscribed to through Pure Quant. Once you run the research, we will show you a list of the top performing stocks.

Increase Your Profits

From here, you could decide which stocks are best for you. We quickly display the SSI, how long the stock has been in that state, the VQ, the latest close, and much more.

Take note of the check marks on the left side of the results. A check mark means the stock will be included in your new portfolio. If you don’t like one of the included positions, say PBH from the photo above, you can exclude it from your new portfolio. Simply uncheck PBH and update your results.

After you update your results, the unchecked PBH will remain in the results, but it will be grayed out as in the photo above. PBH will not be included in your new portfolio.

Benefit 2: Pure Quant instantly organizes and ranks the stocks for you

Another great time saver is the ranking method. In the photo above, did you notice the ranking column? That ranking was based on how long the stock was in its current SSI state.

You can organize the ranking based on the different columns. If you click on a column title, you will see how the positions change.

This ranking can help you decide which stocks to include in your new portfolio or not. Remember for the colored SSI blocks, D means Days, W means Weeks, M means months, and Y means Years in that state. For the VQ, anything higher than 30% is considered high risk.

You can tell which parameter the Pure Quant tool is using to organize positions by the column title. If you see a small upward-pointing triangle to the right of a column title, this is the active column. Simply click on another column title to change the organization again.

Benefit 3: Time Saver – Balances the selected positions for you

Once you have selected your stocks and looked at the ranking, take note of the last columns of research data.


(Note: this is only looking at the top 3 positions for simplicity)

You will know, at a glance, how many shares you need to buy and the risk you will be taking per position – before you even buy one share!

If any of the columns are a little confusing, that’s okay. There is a lot to learn with the Pure Quant system. Check out those little information bubbles to the right of a column title. If you hover your mouse over the letter “i,” it will give you some information about what that column is.

Did you see in the photo above how each position has the same amount of risk? This is because we ran your potential new stocks through the Risk Rebalancer for you. This way, you are not too heavily invested in a risky stock and you have just the right amount in a safe stock. There is no need to run the risk rebalancer on your potential new portfolio. It has already been done for you!

Save Your Portfolio

Once you are happy with your selected portfolio, make sure to save it. We will make a note for you on each stock as to how it ranks based on Pure Quant.

After you click the green Save as New Portfolio button at the bottom of the page, a new pop up window will appear.

We auto-fill a name for you. This can always be changed. Try to name the new portfolio so that you remember where it came from – the Pure Quant process.

If you plan on purchasing the stocks, you can change Type to Investment. Simply click Watch Only, and a drop down will appear. Then, click Investment. Finally, click Save. The new portfolio will then be saved into TradeStops. Please know that the new portfolio will not be created at your broker. We do not create any trades for you.

Three Time-Saving Benefits

Three time-saving benefits in one tool. It is one tool that takes just a few simple clicks to set up a brand-new, balanced portfolio. Check out the Pure Quant today, and see how it can help you create a new portfolio. You, too, can increase your profits while risking less.


Customer Success Team