For the past couple weeks, we’ve discussed ways to manage your positions and customize them to your needs. Today, let’s discuss another way you can work with positions. This time, we’ll look at positions one at a time from the Position Card Page.

Getting Started

Accessing the Position Card Page in TradeStops is easy. First login. Then, go to the Positions and Alerts tab, make sure you’re on Positions, and finally, click a ticker symbol.

Click a ticker

Once you click the ticker, the Position Card Page will display. There are several moving parts to it, but we’ll make it easy to understand.

Current Position & Position Switching

In the upper left corner of TradeStops, you’ll see your current position, some info about it, and a dropdown box.

Ticker Basics

In this area, we tell you the ticker symbol you’re currently viewing, its name, and the market it’s traded on. Additionally, you’ll see the SSI and VQ for your position. The 1D in the SSI box in the photo above tells us how long the position has been in the yellow – 1 Day.

The VQ tells you the risk of the stock. If this box is highlighted in purple, it means the VQ alert has been triggered. The stock is stopped out according to the VQ.

The drop-down box in the top left corner lets you quickly switch between positions in your current portfolio. So… if you wanted to view something besides AMMA, you could simply click that box and select a new position to view.

Switching Portfolios

You can also switch between the portfolios you’re viewing. In the upper right corner, there is a navigation panel.

Portfolio Drop-Down

You can click the small arrow to the right of your portfolio name to see your other portfolios. To switch to another portfolio, just click its name from the drop-down that appears.

Basic Position Information

Below this is information on the position you’re currently viewing.

Stock Stats

This area lets you quickly see how you’re doing with this stock. If, for example, you have a position that is stopped out based on the SSI and you aren’t sure if you should sell it, this area could help you. Gains are shown in green. Losses are shown in red.

Tab areas

Below this information, we have several tabs for your use.


Your active tab has a blue line above it. To switch between tabs, simply click the tab.
  • Position details lets you edit information about your position. Just click the small pencil in this area to edit the information. Please know that some information – like share size – cannot be edited for synced positions.
  • Alerts let you view your current alerts and add alerts. Click the Add Alert button if you want to add more alerts to your position. Triggered alerts will have a purple bell.

Add Alert
  • General Statistics gives you more information about your position’s performance in the market.
  • Tags & Notes let you add custom information about your position. For example, you could tag your position by sector and make a note of why you bought it.
  • Corporate Actions let you know about any dividends, splits, and spin-offs since your entry date.
  • Chart Settings let you edit the information that displays on your chart.

Chart Settings

To make a setting display on the chart, just click the colorful circles. In the photo above, you can see that everything is turned on, except the VQ trailing stop. Did you notice how the % Trailing Stop and Fixed Price Alert are grayed out? This means that we don’t have those alerts set for this position. You can only turn on these settings if you have added the corresponding alert.

We hope this helps

There is quite a lot to explore and learn on the Position Card Page. Today, we covered some of the basics for reviewing your position using this. To learn even more about it, go to this link. At the bottom of the page, there are related articles that cover all the tabs in-depth.

Check out the Position Card Page today. You’ll be happy that you did.


Customer Success Team