Have you noticed the change to your TradeStops program? The colors have been changed a little bit! We did this for your “viewing pleasure” and to make the program easier to work with. The black and white color scheme really makes the Green action buttons stand out.

Some of you have voiced concerns over the redesigned portfolio page. We understand that it looks a little bit different now. So… we are here to answer your questions. Check out some of the helpful tips below for working with your portfolios now.

Where Are My Watch Portfolios?

When you first go to the Portfolios page, you will only see your Investment portfolios. This is because we created tabs for your Investment and Watch Only Portfolios. You can find these tabs just below the TradeStops logo.


(Make sure that you are on the Portfolio page to view these tabs!)

We created these tabs so that your portfolios can be better organized. You can tell, at a glance, which portfolios have positions that you own (and have money in) and the portfolios that you don’t have any money in.

To see your Watch Portfolios, just click on the Watch Only tab. If you see a blue line under the Watch Only tab, it means that you are viewing your Watch Only Portfolios. If you look at the photo above, you can see the blue line under Investment. That means we would be viewing Investment Portfolios.

How Do I Check on my Synced Portfolios?

You may have synced your portfolio with TradeStops. It is important to keep the connection between your broker and TradeStops “fresh.” But, how can you tell if your portfolio is synced or not? We added a column called “Type.” The “M” means Manual, and the “S” means Synced.


(Remember, you need to be on the Portfolio page to see this info.)

To check if your portfolio is syncing properly, you will want to look for 2 things.

First, check the sync date. You want this date to be either today or yesterday’s date. Second, check if you see a yellow Resolve button or red triangle.


Do you see the red triangle and Resolve button for portfolio 0642 in the photo above? This means there is something wrong with 0642. We need to resolve that error. You could either click the Resolve button or click the small downward-pointing triangle to the left of the portfolio name.

After you click the downward pointing triangle, a menu will appear.


Click on Synchronize in this menu. Another screen will appear.

  • Click Refresh Portfolio if you noticed your portfolio is only a few days out of date.
  • Click Update Credentials if you noticed your portfolio is more than a week out of date. When a screen pops up and asks for your credentials, use your broker credentials. Do not use your TradeStops credentials. Login exactly as you would if you were on your broker’s website.
  • You can click Restore if you accidentally deleted a synced position.
  • You can click Import if you are missing a portfolio that you have at your broker. Just know that if the missing portfolio only has bonds, we won’t be able to support it.

If any errors occur, write down the error code. Then, call customer service at 866-385-2076, Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM Eastern. Having the code will help them know how to best fix the problem.

How Can I Organize Data?

You can organize your data on the portfolio tab in a couple different ways.

First, you can click a column title. For example, if you click on the Portfolio Name title, your portfolios will be organized alphabetically. Similarly, you can click on any of the other column titles to organize them alphabetically or numerically.

Another way to organize your data is via a drop-down box we created for you. This drop-down lets you view the stats for your portfolio based on Open, Closed, or All Positions. This box is located just above the Portfolio Name column.


Click on the box (it will likely say Open Positions), and then click on one of the other options. You will see the information on the Portfolio page change instantly.

A third way to view your portfolio is particularly helpful if you are international. Look toward the bottom of your portfolio page. If you have portfolios with different currencies, you will notice a summary.


This summary is useful so you can see your investments on an international level. You can know, at a glance, if you are more heavily invested in USD or EUR, for example.

New Design & New Functionality

We hope that you find the new design to your liking. It may take a little getting used to, but it will make your overall experience on the portfolio page more streamlined.

Head over to the Portfolios page today to check on your portfolios and see the new functionality. With a little practice, we think that you will really like it.

To your success,

Customer Success Team