We are always working to give our customers more features within the TradeStops program. Our latest update focuses on the Actions column. You’ll find this change within the Positions subtab on the Positions & Alerts tab.

The new Actions column (and the new messages that come with it) will help you to know exactly what to do when one of your synced positions has a problem. It can also help you with positions that have no problems at all.

How Do I Access the Actions Column?

  1. Go to the Positions and Alerts tab
  2. Click on the Positions subtab
  3. The Actions column is the White Box to the left of the word “Status.”


What Does the Actions Column Do for Me?

You may not have used the Actions column much before this change. You may have used it all the time. This new improvement will make the Actions column even easier to use than it was before. You will know, at a glance, what is going on with each of your positions while also being able to organize them.

Organizing and Taking Action

Organizing your positions can help you quickly identify which of your positions are good and if any of your positions have an error. To organize your positions, click on the Status drop down box. You will see various options of organization.

  • Pay particular attention to those positions with a red triangle!
  • The red triangle indicates that there is a problem with your position.

Once you click on one of the options from the Status dropdown box, your positions will be organized based on your choice. You could look at all of your successfully synced positions, all of your positions that have triggered alerts, all of your positions that have errors, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some positions that have errors.


Anytime you see a red triangle directly to the left of your ticker symbol, it means that there is an error with your position. Rather than having to call us to find out what the error is, you can discover the problem immediately with one click.

Simply click the red triangle, and a message will appear. The message title will give you a quick summary of what is wrong. The description beneath it will tell you exactly how to fix it.

  • We even provide you with a link to the Help Center that will explain exactly how to solve the problem in case you need more help.

Sometimes, a position might have more than one problem. If this is the case, there will be two messages that pop up from the red triangle. In the message box, you will use the arrows in the upper right hand corner to cycle through the messages.

  • Again, each message will have a link to the Help Center.

Actions for Positions Without Errors

Our update doesn’t solely focus on fixing errors. It can also help you to take action on those positions which are free of errors.

For these positions, simply click on the downward pointing triangle that is directly to the left of your ticker symbol. A dropdown box will appear with various options.

  • Please note that synced positions cannot be manually moved or closed.

If you click on one of these options, a pop up box will appear. You need only fill out the box to complete the action – be that deleting your position, moving your position, or any of the other options.

Actions Can Help You

Keeping your account free of errors will ensure that your investments stay up to date and accurate. With the correct information, we will be able to send you the appropriate alerts for your positions. Just be sure to check on your Positions subtab at least once a week; daily would be best. If you see the red triangles, click on them, and fix the problem.

To being more proactive with your TradeStops account,

Customer Success Team