A popular hashtag on Twitter each week is #ThursdayMotivation. People post various tips and tricks to get motivated for the day.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated when it comes to the markets. We hear negative news about inverted yield curves and how this could hurt stocks (psst, it could actually help growth stocks). There are fears that the historic bull run is at its end. U.S.-China trade deals aren’t making things much better either.

But, this is where TradeSmith can help. Our unique tools can help you find good stocks even when the news keeps touting negative headlines. We can help you find your #ThursdayMotivation to research the markets so that you may reduce your risk and “unlimit” your potential gains.

Let’s jump in.

Ideas by TradeSmith

As we mentioned last week, we’ve recently updated Ideas by TradeSmith. It now has a Dashboard and a shiny new feature in the Stock Finder. The newest feature comes in the form of pre-saved filters and filters that you can create on your own.

You can view the pre-saved from the drop-down box on the top of the Stock Finder.

Here is what the default filters look for:

  • All TradeSmith Lab Results — Select all positions from TradeSmith’s Lab and sort them based on number of days in current Stock State Indicator (SSI) state.
  • Billionaire Bargains — This will look at positions held by Billionaire investors. These positions must also be part of the Low Risk Runner Strategy, be in the SSI Green or Yellow Zone, and be trending sideways or up based on the SSI Trend. The results will be sorted based on number of days in current SSI state.
  • Green Profitable Dividend Growers — These positions must meet the Dividend Growers strategy requirements. They also must have a PE greater than 0. The results will be sorted based on number of days in current SSI state.
  • Gearing up for Green — These positions are in the SSI Red Zone, are trending either up or sideways, and have a VQ under 60%. They will be sorted by descending volume.

These filters are a fantastic way to find positions that can potentially help your portfolio in a number of different market conditions.

You can even set up your own pre-saved filters. Once you’ve selected some filters that you’d like to work with, click the “Save my filters” button at the bottom of the page.

In the pop-up that appears, give your filter a name. Then, save the filter.

Your custom filter will then be available in the pre-saved drop-down box on the top of the screen.

TradeStops and Crypto by TradeSmith

When you get a stock or crypto recommendation, it can seem a little daunting to start the research process. You might have to wade through fundamental analysis for stock ideas. You might have to read whitepapers before investing in a cryptocurrency. It can take a long time, and the idea of poring over analysis for hours isn’t always appealing.

That’s where TradeStops and Crypto by TradeSmith can help you. Our Stock and Crypto Analyzers can help you quickly analyze stocks or cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is fill out the small form with the ticker that interests you.

From there, click the Analyze button. The results will show you the ticker’s recent market performance, our algorithms, and various options for stop-loss strategies.

This information can help you decide if a position could potentially be a good choice for you. For example, if you aren’t willing to invest in red positions, then perhaps DOGE wouldn’t be a good choice for you right now.

You then wouldn’t need to go through the process of reading the DOGE whitepaper or perform other analysis. You’d quickly know, with just a few clicks, that the position wouldn’t be right for you.

These analyzers are a great way to motivate you to start your research process.

Bulletin Board

Speaking of motivation, there’s a method in TradeStops to easily analyze the recommendations from the various newsletters to which you subscribe. Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud will discuss this process in their upcoming webinar on April 10 at 1 p.m. Eastern. You can register here.

Each week, TradeSmith and his team come up with some astounding research. The data can really help you get a sense for how things are going in the markets. You’ll find all his latest research and market updates on our blog page. We even post these articles to the TradeSmith Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure to follow us there for more updates!

Signing off

We hope that the tools in our programs can help keep you motivated in the markets. Don’t let the negative news get to you or let research overwhelm you. TradeSmith can help you find top-performing positions in any market — be it bearish or bullish. And, our research tools can help cut down your overall research time, so you don’t need to spend hours at the computer screen.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know. We’re always happy to help you. You can reach us at [email protected]. We’re available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. — 5 p.m. Eastern at 866-385-2076.

Until next week,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team