Over the past three weeks, we discussed creating a portfolio tracker in TradeStops. We hope that this has helped you keep your portfolios up to date and with the initial import process.

Now that all your stocks and options have been pulled into TradeStops, they can be tracked. It is important to check on the status of each of your stocks and options, though. This will ensure that your position alerts are the most accurate.

Viewing Your Positions

To view the positions in your portfolios, click on the Positions and Alerts tab. A page will come up that displays all your positions.

Portfolio Tracker

In the upper left hand corner, under the TradeStops logo, there is a box. This box will usually say “All,” but it might display one of your portfolio names. If you click on this white box, you can organize the positions you see on this page. To do this, simply click the portfolio name that you are interested in.


Take note of “All Investment” and “All Watch.” If you click on “All Investment,” it will display all the stocks and options that you are invested in. If you click on “All Watch,” it will display all the stocks and options that you are interested in.

You can change between your portfolios using this dropdown box at any time while you are on the Positions and Alerts tab.

After selecting the Portfolio you want to view, it is important to ensure you are on the Positions subtab. To check this, simply look if there is a blue bar under the word “Positions.” This is located directly below the dropdown box. You would also see a green button that says “Add Position.”


If there is a blue line under any of the other subtabs, simply click on the word “Positions” to make it the active tab. Once the blue bar is under Positions, you will see your stocks and options.

Using the Positions Subtab

You can find a plethora of useful data on the Positions subtab.

  • The downward pointing triangle will let you delete, close, move, and copy positions. Please note that synced positions cannot be closed or moved.
  • The status column tells you if your position is synced (S) or manual (M) and the number of alerts you have for the position. If the bell is white with a 0, you have no alerts. If the bell is purple, the alert has been triggered.
  • The SSI column tells you the current SSI status for your position. The letters and numbers in the colorful boxes tell you how long the position has been in that state.
  • The VQ% column tells you how volatile your stock is. The lower the number, the lower the volatility. Any number above 50% is considered sky high risk.
  • The Symbol Column tells you which symbol you are viewing.

You can organize any of this data by clicking on a column header. Once you click on a header, like “VQ%,” TradeStops will automatically sort your data from smallest to largest VQ. If you click the same column header again, it will organize the data from largest to smallest.

Once you click on a ticker symbol, it will bring you to the Position Card Page. You can read more about using the Position Card Page here.

Position Errors

Errors can sometimes occur with your positions. This can happen if a ticker symbol changes, if there is a company name change, if the ticker gets delisted, or if there is missing data. We will notify you of any position errors with a little red triangle. If you don’t see any red triangles on your account, you are free of errors.


Simply click the red triangle, and a message will appear. The message title will give you a quick summary of what is wrong. The description beneath it will tell you exactly how to fix it.


You could also use our helpful chat feature if you have any questions about position errors. Simply click the “Online Chat With Us” button in the bottom right corner of your TradeStops program. Our chat agents are available from 9:00-5:00 PM Eastern. Just keep in mind that our agents cannot give investment advice about your positions or make calculations for you.

Keeping your account free of errors will ensure that your investments stay up to date and accurate. With the correct information, we will be able to send you the appropriate alerts for your positions. Just be sure to check on your Positions subtab at least once a week.

Be Proactive; Check your Positions

Checking on the status of your positions will keep your account free of errors. This ensures that you do not get stopped out too early and that you do get stopped out when the time is right. We want you to make more while risking less, and taking a proactive approach to your positions will let you do
just that.

To your continued success,

Customer Success Team