When I added the Risk Rebalancer to TradeStops late in 2015, I hoped to provide another huge benefit to my community of fellow investors.

Mission accomplished.

Premium Subscriber James recently wrote:

Since 12/31/15, I am up about 300% from where I started. (The other day it was 346% but it has cut back some.) Because of my success this year, which is partly because of the Risk Rebalancer, I had my friend pull $230k out of the Credit Union.


James went on to say his friend pulled another $34k out of his MetLife account.

And in James’ words, he then applied the Risk Rebalancer to not only significantly lower his friend’s risk. James also put his friend $12,000 ahead after only 2 days.

I killed his broker,” were James’ exact words.

Of course there’s no way to independently verify James’ account but I’m not surprised.

The Risk Rebalancer is the single biggest advance for independent investors since I first introduced TradeStops over 12 years ago.

Now, the Risk Rebalancer is about to get even better!

This past spring, I tasked TradeStops’ product development team to make the Risk Rebalancer even more powerful and user friendly.

Over the past few months, my software engineers, programmers, and support team have analyzed user behavior data and fielded questions and comments from TradeStops customer base. All in the single-minded pursuit of answering my challenge.

And I’m happy to report they rose to the occasion with a truly gold medal effort!

We decided to mark this achievement with a special training webinar.

The presentation is scheduled to happen live on Tuesday, August 30th at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific).

Register for this special live training here.

During this exclusive and likely one-time event, I’ll explain the theory behind the Risk Rebalancer and even more to the point, the revolutionary affect this unique tool can have on your portfolio.

You’ll see the new enhancements firsthand – before they’re released in front of the general public.

You’ll also get a refresher course on how these new features will make it easier than ever to “right size” your portfolio risk, stay with your winners longer, dump your losers faster, and see potentially much bigger results, like James has.

I fully expect our allotment of phone lines to be snapped up in just a day or so.

Register for the webinar today.


TradeStops Success Team