Hello again, TradeSmith Family,

We hope all has been well for you this week. The TradeSmith team is safe from Hurricane Michael, and our thoughts are with those affected by the storm.

In today’s Insider Update, we’ll cover some ways to optimize your TradeSmith experience.


First, we’d like to say “Welcome!” to all of our new subscribers. We’re so glad to have you as part of the TradeSmith family; our mission is to help our customers succeed.

Today, we’ll cover the newsletter center inside CryptoTradeSmith. Here, you can find various publishers for newsletters you subscribe to.

For this week’s Insider Update, we’ll focus on our own publication, TradeSmith. We currently offer seven different lists of cryptocurrencies.

  • All cryptocurrencies — all the cryptos in our database
  • Binance — all the cryptos located on the Binance exchange
  • CCI30 — the cryptos that constitute the CCI30 Index
  • Core Portfolio — TradeSmith’s Charter portfolio
  • Courtney’s Cryptoverse — Courtney Jones’s hand-picked cryptos
  • Model Portfolio — the Charter Decoder model portfolio
  • Moonshot Portfolio — TradeSmith’s hand-selected portfolio of volatile cryptos


list of available newsletters
You can switch between newsletters just by clicking another newsletter name.

Also, you may be prompted to enter some credentials for the newsletters if you haven’t already. Simply enter your newsletter credentials.

Enter Newsletter credential
All you need to do is click submit once you enter the information.

These newsletters are a great place to find cryptos that you might not have previously considered. And, as always, make sure to thoroughly research a crypto before you purchase it.

Ideas by TradeSmith

Ideas by TradeSmith has a great integration with newsletters. But great newsletter investment ideas are endless, while capital is not. The Stock Finder tool can help take those newsletter recommendations and whittle them down to a more manageable list.

Inside Ideas by TradeSmith, simply set the Newsletter Recommendation option to Yes.

Ideas by TradeSmith Newsletter Filter
From there, select the newsletters that you’d like to view along with any other filters you’d like to include (i.e. green SSI, uptrend, & VQ less than 30%).

The results will display at the bottom of the screen. You can click the various tickers to see the performance chart of the stock in the market.


If you’ve found some stocks that you like, but don’t know what position size is best for you, you’re in luck! The TradeStops Position Size Calculator is here to help. With just a few clicks, you can optimize your position size based on your personal risk tolerance.

Just fill out the Position Size Calculator form and click Calculate.

Position Size Calculator form
The results will show your investable amount, the number of shares to buy, and your stop price. The best part? There’s no guesswork involved!

Bulletin Board

We know that the stock market has been very volatile lately. This volatility can lead to fear and a deviation from logical thought. But remember, it’s critical to follow your stop-loss strategy and avoid cognitive biases during times like these. For a more in-depth study on market volatility and cognitive bias, make sure to review TradeSmith’s informative Cognitive Bias series.

Signing off

We hope that this week’s Insider Update will optimize your TradeSmith experience. Remember, it’s always our goal to help you with these updates. If you have any suggestions for a future tip or guide, let us know. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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