“Start strong, finish strong.”

Going back to our introduction of the Risk Rebalancer in late 2015 and all throughout 2016, TradeStops’ product development team has scored some major wins for our subscribers.

Next up:

The new Stock Analyzer.

The Stock Analyzer isn’t a completely new feature. Instead, it’s a major upgrade to the Stop Loss Analyzer.

With this upgrade, TradeSmith asked his engineers and developers to do three things.

  • Allow our users to create a more individualized screen
  • Provide more information within a single view
  • Make that information more accessible without causing “cognitive overload”

To access the Stock Analyzer, log into your TradeStops Account, and click on “Research” from the main menu.

That should take you to the Stock Analyzer, but if not, click on the “Stock Analyzer” tab just below the main menu. (It’s the same path you were taking to the Stop Loss Analyzer.)

You’ll then be asked to enter a ticker symbol and an entry date. The Stock Analyzer defaults to the current date. If you already own the position, you’ll want to enter your purchase date.

Then click the “Analyze” button.

Right away, you’ll notice several differences.

To highlight those, here is a screenshot of the old “Stock Analyzer.” (Click image to expand.)


And here’s the newly enhanced “Stock Analyzer.” (Click image to expand.)


As compared to the Stop Loss Analyzer, you will see that the newly improved Stock Analyzer provides you with much more information. It’s also much more intuitive and allows many customizations so you see the information that best fits your investing philosophy.

Here are a few things to look for as you test out this new tool…

We’ve updated some of the naming conventions in the SSI.

The “SSI Low Risk Zone” is now referred to as the “SSI Yellow Zone.” We’ve also added the “Entry Signal,” to make it easier to understand what TradeStops is saying about the state of the stock you’re researching.

Along the left of the screen, you have the ability to activate or deactivate indicators such as the SSI Yellow Zone, SSI Stop Loss, and other lines as well as Events such as the Entry Signal and SSI event indicators.

You can also show or hide the Volume, Historical Volatility, and Price charts with the click of your mouse.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Next week we will take a deeper dive into the features of the new stock analyzer.

We encourage you to take it for a test drive. And we welcome any comments you have.

And in keeping with our “Finish strong” attitude, we’ve got one or two more things in store for you before the year is over. Stay tuned!


TradeStops Success Team