Two weeks ago, we introduced our new blockbuster addition to the TradeStops’ Newsletter Area, The Billionaire’s Club. Inside the Billionaire’s Club we’ve included some of the most successful funds of all time managed by titans of the investing world. But before you join the Club, be sure to set up your watch portfolio investment tracker.

And the response has been outstanding! The questions have been coming at a brisk pace, so we’re taking a little time today to answer a few of them.

Today, we’ll discuss creating a watch portfolio for your new Billionaire stocks, how to access the Billionaire’s Club, and how to look at the data contained in these portfolios.

Creating a Watch Portfolio

It is important to create a watch portfolio before looking at the Billionaire’s Club. This will make adding the stocks you like to a portfolio easier. The process for creating a watch portfolio is easy too!

Start on the Portfolios tab in TradeStops. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the green +Add Portfolio button.

Investment Tracker

This will produce a pop-up box.

In that box, click on the Add Manually tab. Then, fill out the information in the pop-up box. You can name it whatever you want. Try to use something to help you remember that it is for the Billionaire’s Club.

If you don’t know how much cash you will want in your new Billionaire investments, that’s okay. You can leave cash as $0.

For type, you can select Watch Only since this portfolio is not yet an investment portfolio. You can always change this (and the amount of cash) later.


Once you enter the information, make sure to click the green Save button. After you do that, your new portfolio will be added to TradeStops. Now, you are ready to check out the Billionaire’s Club.

Accessing the Club

You can access the Billionaire’s Club from the Newsletters tab inside TradeStops. Just click the Newsletters tab, and you will see a list of publishers. The Billionaire’s Club will be in the upper left-hand corner.


Selecting Potential New Positions

The Billionaire Portfolios include information about each stock’s current SSI and VQ.

The SSI represents the life cycle of your stock. TradeStops uses extensive algorithms to calculate the current state of any stock. You can remember it like a traffic light, where red means stopped out, yellow means caution, and green means go.

Anything with a red SSI is considered stopped out. Those positions are on a downtrend. They might not be the best investments right now. In addition to that, the SSI tool calculates how long the stock has been in that current state. That’s what the letters and numbers mean inside the colorful boxes. D means days; W means weeks; M means months; and Y means years. Remember, TradeStops doesn’t make decisions for you. It simply presents you with the information you can use to make more informed decisions regarding your investments.

If you want to see stocks with a green SSI on top, just click on the SSI column title. It will then arrange the stocks according to SSI. It will also put any stocks that don’t yet have an SSI on top. Stocks need to have been publicly traded for 521 days for an SSI to be calculated.


You could then look at the volatility of the green SSI stocks. The VQ tells you how much your stock could go up or down within 12 to18 months. Anything with a VQ over 30% is considered high risk; and anything above 50% is considered sky-high risk.

Finally, you can consider where the current stop out price is. We provide you with the latest close price. From there, you can decide if there is enough wiggle room between the recent close and where you would be stopped out.


Note: The Advice column tells you how many shares the company owns of that stock for the portfolio you are viewing. This could also give you an idea if large corporations find a stock to be worthwhile or not.

TradeStops provides you with more information beyond the SSI, VQ, and stop prices. It is up to you to decide which stocks would suit your investment needs. Please keep in mind that if you call our customer support team for help, they will not be able to recommend stocks for you. They can only guide you through the process of accessing the Billionaire’s Club and its functionality.

Adding Positions to your Portfolio

Once you have selected some positions that you like, you can add them to that portfolio you made earlier. Simply click the plus (+) sign to the left of the ticker symbol that you like. In the window that displays, use the drop-down to select the proper portfolio. Then, fill out the information. Click Save and Close when you have finished.


If you remember each of the ticker symbols that you like, you could always click Save and Add More instead. You would simply have to type in the other ticker symbols one by one until you complete your list. Either process will work.

Check Out the Billionaire’s Club Today

Today, we have gone over how to create a manual portfolio, how to access the Billionaire’s Club, and how to analyze the data for the stocks in the Club.

Remember, the customer service team is always happy to help. You can reach them right now at 866-385-2076. They’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST). They will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

All the best to your future investments,

Customer Success Team