More diversity in your portfolio means you won’t be too heavily weighted in one industry or another. With a possible bear market on the horizon, keeping your portfolio diverse can help protect you and your profits.

In TradeStops, you can quickly check your portfolio’s diversification in a couple locations. This unique feature is a great way of learning where your portfolio stands.

Positions & Alerts

First, locate your portfolio’s diversification breakdown in the Positions & Alerts section of TradeStops. Then click the Positions & Alerts tab to begin.

In the upper left corner of this page, you should see your portfolio name.

Portfolio name

You may notice this area displays a status for All, All Investment, or All Watch. These selections mean you’re looking at all your equities, only the equites you own, or only the equities you’re watching – respectively. By clicking this box, you can switch to different portfolios.

Below the portfolio name box, you should see “Show Portfolio Summary.” Just click that to view your portfolio’s diversification breakdown.

In this area, you’ll see basic information about your portfolio and some statistics. What’s most exciting is that here you’ll find your portfolio breakdown – the Asset Allocation.

positions and alerts asset allocation view

This colorful wheel graphically depicts the selected portfolio’s diversity. You can hover over a color to see what percent of the portfolio is in a sector. It’s a really simple way of visualizing your portfolio diversification.

Research Tools

You can also drill down even further in this colorful wheel. All you need to do is go to the Asset Allocation tool in the Research tools of TradeStops.

Just like with the Positions & Alerts page, you can organize the Asset Allocation by portfolio. From there, you can choose to include cash and to organize based on Sector or Industry.

Asset Allocation selection

Once you select your settings, the colorful Asset Allocation wheel will appear. Hover over the colors again to see what percent is in a sector or industry.

If you’d like to see which investments are in a sector or industry, just click the color. A chart will appear below the wheel.

breakdown of stocks in a sector

To further breakdown the investments in the sector to see what percent they make up, you can hover your mouse over the color to see the percentage.

Check out the Asset Allocation Today

As the markets continue to change, it’s important to protect your investments. The Asset Allocation tool in TradeStops can be the first step in checking your portfolio’s diversity. So… go ahead and login to check on your portfolio today.

To diversity,

Customer Success Team