One of the best things about TradeStops is the ability it gives you to create highly customized charts.

For instance, Portfolio Charts allow you to visualize price history of all the open positions held in your TradeStops account. This includes the status of any trailing stop alerts that you’ve added to your Portfolio Charts.

If you’re a TradeStops Plus
subscriber, you also have the ability to view SSI Stop Price, Smart Moving Average, and Low Risk Zone indicators.


Here’s how to access the Portfolios Chart tool:
  • Click on the Charts tab (1) in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • The Portfolio Charts page opens by default. Take note of the link in the submenu (2) if you need to find this screen again after visiting the Research Charts page.
  • Select the desired portfolio from the Portfolio drop down menu (3).
  • Select the desired position from the Position drop down menu (4).
  • ProductFeat_Aug3_08.png

    At the very top of the Position card you will notice three areas:
  • In the center you will find the Symbol, Name (5) and the associated Portfolio.
  • To the left and right (6) are the proceeding and following symbols in your selected portfolio (in this example the IVL Portfolio)
  • The chart will display the price history of the position over the last 1 year, although this can be adjusted by selecting a different date range (7), or by using the slider bar at the bottom of the chart (8).
  • Details of all indicators on the chart will be displayed in a box if you hover over any of the chart lines (9).
  • Click the Additional Options button (the “gear” icon) (10) to access all the chart features that can be activated on your chart:
  • ProductFeat_Aug3_07.png

  • Below the chart, you can find your position details, as well as some useful summary statistics pertaining to your position’s current performance in the market. This data is updated daily, after the markets close.

Remember! TradeStops is designed to be highly configurable. Don’t be afraid to play around with the settings until you’ve got the information you want delivered the way you want it.

You can also access this information directly from our website by clicking here.

The gear icon is a great tool you can use to choose how the information you want is displayed. Look for it on the Portfolio, Research, and Stop Loss Analyzer tools as well.


Your TradeStops Customer Success Team