Our system gives you the tools you need to achieve your investment goals. How? We set up our system so that you can tell, at a glance, how your positions are performing. And, our research tools can help you find new investments.

We understand that you may not be aware of all the things you can do with TradeStops. That is why we have a Help Center. You can access it within your program.

Let’s review the Help Center.

Accessing the Help Center

After you log in to TradeStops, you will be brought to your homepage. Depending on your settings, this might be the Welcome tab, the Positions & Alerts tab, the Portfolios tab, etc. The Help Center can be accessed quickly from any of these pages.

In the upper right hand corner, you should see your name. (In this case, it says “Hi, Beverly.”) Directly to the left of your name, you should see the word Help. Click on that to access the Help Center.

If you have your Internet Browser in a smaller screen, you might not see the word “Help.” In that case, you would only see a ball. It looks like a soccer ball or life preserver. Just click on the ball to access the Help Center.

Navigating the Help Center

After you click Help (or the little ball), a new window will open. This new window is the Help Center.

This is what the search bar looks like from the homepage:

On this initial page, there is a Getting Started Video. Starting with the video can be extremely helpful if you are brand new to TradeStops or even if you just want a refresher on the basics. Just click the triangle play button in the bottom left hand corner of the video screen to start the video.

Using Drop-Down Menus

At the top of the Help Center, there is a menu bar. It is divided into the same sections as your actual TradeStops program. If you hover your mouse over one of the topics, a drop down will appear. Simply click on the subject that interests you. The Help Center will then bring you to that topic.

Take note that the active subject you are looking at is highlighted in green. This makes it easier to see which topic you could be working with.

Using the Search Bar

If you are searching for something specific and cannot find it through the drop-down menus, use the search bar. This search function can be found on the homepage of the Help Center OR at the top of the page after you have clicked on a subject.

Where you see the word “Search,” type in what you are looking for. Then, hit Enter on your keyboard. You could also click on the magnifying glass.

Any subjects that relate to your search will then display. Just like you would when searching for something on Google, simply click the topic from the list that interests you.


Some sections in the Help Center have sub-menus. These are designed to make it even easier to find information without having to look through the drop-down menu again.

If a section has a submenu, it will be found towards the right side of the page.

The submenu will have your active section bolded. The active section is the one you are currently looking at. To switch to a new topic, simply click on it. You will then be brought to that new section, and it will become active in the menu.


If you don’t want to write down notes about a new topic, you could print the information to have it as reference. You could then follow along with your printed version when in the TradeStops program.

Towards the upper right hand corner, you should see a printer icon. Simply click on the printer icon to print the section that you are currently on.

Make sure that your printer is turned on before you click print. Otherwise, you might encounter problems. If you don’t see the print icon for some reason, refresh your Internet.

Check Out the Help Center Today

The Help Center is designed to assist you in learning our program. It makes our system easy to understand so that you can accomplish your goals. Check out the Help Center today, and learn more about how to put TradeStops to work for you.

To your continued success,

Customer Success Team