It’s been another interesting week in the stock market. Yesterday, the markets flashed a warning sign of a recession thanks to an inverted yield curve. Timing is everything, though, when it comes to this yield curve and when a recession may hit. We explained this back in March.

  • At the time of inversion, the recession is usually still far off (a year or more).
  • The inversion typically occurs near the peak of a bullish cycle, but not the very end.
  • The inversion causes the Federal Reserve to say “whoa” and revert to easy money.

If fear, uncertainty, and doubt haven’t driven you from the market yet, there may still be some hope for the markets – at least for a short while longer. It is, of course, important to check on the performance of your positions to see if you should stay with them. In TradeStops, you can do this with our newly improved Position Card Page.


Like we said, there’s been an update to the Position Card Page in TradeStops. At first, you might be a little worried because some data seems to be “missing.” Don’t worry; we haven’t taken anything away. We’ve just made the data more conveniently located and added some extra functionality.

In the top right corner of the Position Card Page, we used to include some performance data. We’ve moved that (more on that shortly), and we’ve added two new items.

copy position and delete position

Suppose you accidentally added the wrong position to your watch portfolio or you want to move a position from your watch portfolio to an investment portfolio. You can now copy or delete a position you’re viewing with just a couple of clicks. Before, you would have needed to go back to the Positions & Alerts page, find the ticker, click the small triangle to the left of the ticker, and then click delete or copy. That was four steps instead of just one!

The next change is our Position Details tab. It now has a little less information, but again, that data hasn’t been deleted. It’s on the brand-new tab we added labeled “Performance.”

showing the new Performance tab

Let’s quickly review what data has moved and what will appear on the Performance tab.

features of the new Performance tab

Items in the chart above marked in blue used to be in the top right corner (where the new Copy and Delete buttons are). Items marked in orange used to appear on the Position Details tab. Now, all that performance data is conveniently located in one simple tab!

Ideas by TradeSmith

You can also check the performance of positions in Ideas by TradeSmith. Just like with TradeStops, we make it easy to find this information. Anytime you see a hyperlinked ticker symbol in Ideas, you can click it. That will bring you to the Position Card Page.
In the top left corner, you’ll find the basic information like the ticker symbol, latest close, Stock State Indicator (SSI), and Volatility Quotient (VQ).

ticker symbol example

To the right of this, you’ll find performance information. We include the Previous Close, Open, High, Low, 52-Week High, and Volume.

It is below these top two sections where the fun really begins. There is, of course, the performance chart for your selected ticker. But check out the tabs to the left of the chart.

tabs in the Ideas Position Card Page

These tabs provide valuable insight into the general and fundamental performance for your position. In addition, the Ideas tab will show you if the selected position meets any of our strategy requirements and if it appears in any newsletters to which you subscribe. As you can see in the example above, AXS has met three strategy requirements and appears in one newsletter.

The Ideas Position Card Page is a great place to check when thinking about buying a new position. You can also reach this page when you search for a ticker in the program. We’re doing our best to make accessing this data easy!

Bulletin Board

As we mentioned earlier, the market flashed a warning of recession thanks to an inverted yield curve. Did you know that could be bullish for growth stocks? It’s true, and you can learn more about that in TradeSmith’s editorial from March – when we first saw an inversion.

If you’re new to investing and you see all the doom and gloom in the market, your first impression may be that investing isn’t for you. For nearly a year, TradeSmith has written about a number of cognitive biases that can impact our investing. In his most recent editorial in the series, he explains how we can overcome our First Impression Bias to be more successful investors.

Following the market is important – whether the market is bullish or bearish. Our TradeSmith programs make it easy to do this, and we want to show you how. Make sure you join us Aug. 21 at 1 p.m. Eastern to learn how we help you track the markets and even find stocks that meet your investment needs.

Until Next Week

We hope that you enjoyed the latest update to TradeStops. Remember, one of our goals is to help make you a more successful investor. With the performance data all in one location, you won’t need to look multiple places to find information. And, with the new Copy and Delete buttons, taking action on your position just got easier.

The Ideas Position Card Page can help you not only visualize the performance for a position but also check if that position qualifies for any strategies. It’s a great place to check when deciding if a new ticker might be right for you!

Signing Off,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team