You may have noticed something a little different with your TradeStops program recently. It’s a little blue button in the bottom right corner of your program. That little blue button? It connects you directly with a knowledgeable TradeStops agent who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

How Does It Work?
Let’s say that you are in the program, and you are a little confused about what something means. You don’t want to call, and you don’t want send an email. You have an alternative!

Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right corner.


Once you start a chat, you will be connected with an agent.


The agent is able to see exactly where you are in the program. This will allow them to direct you exactly where you need to go in the program to solve your problem and answer your questions.

In addition, seeing your location eliminates any confusion. You might have your own unique term to help you remember the Stock State Indicator. Even using your own terminology, the agent would be able to help you.

My Problem is Complicated; What Do I Do?
Let’s say that you were trying to sync with your portfolio, and you got an error message. You don’t know what that error message means, but you want to know. This is an easy process.

  1. Take a snap shot of the error message using something like the Snipping Tool or a Screen Shot
  2. Save the picture file to your computer
  3. Click and hold the picture file to drag and drop it into chat


(We used a photo here just as an easy example)
Keep in Mind
As with anything in life, there are a few rules to keep in mind.
  • Our agents are not financial advisors. They cannot tell you to buy or sell a position. They can, however, answer questions on how the program works.
  • Our agents cannot process cancellations or upgrades over chat for security purposes. Please give us a call at 866-385-2076.
  • Our agents are available from 9:00-5:00PM EST. If no one is available to answer your chat, you can leave a message.


Chat is here to Save the Day!
We are here to help you. Chat will enable you to get quick and efficient answers from our helpful customer service agents without having to wait very long. Just know that we are here for you and are striving to continually improve our system.


TradeStops Success Team