​It’s that time of week again — we’re back with your TradeSmith update. Our engineering team has been hard at work creating some exciting updates to our products.

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Our constant goal is to help you become a more successful, independent investor. To achieve this goal, we’ve added some additional alerts to the CryptoTradeSmith system. You can now be alerted based on volume and moving averages for your crypto assets.

When adding an alert, just select Vol & MA from the list of available alert types.

alert types

There are three options for this alert type:
  • Percent of Average Volume — Alert that monitors the latest closing volume in relation to the average volume for a specified time
  • Above/Below a Moving Average — Alert that monitors the moving average close price for a specified time
  • Moving Average Crosses — Alert that monitors the moving averages of specified times

NOTE: The volume pair will only work with USD pairs.

If you need help with the process of adding alerts, check out this helpful article. It’ll get you up to speed quickly.

Ideas by TradeSmith

We recently added the functionality to see newsletter results in the Stock Finder. We took this an extra step by letting you choose your newsletters.

newsletter selection area in Stock Finder

Once you select “Yes” for newsletter recommendations, you can see your newsletters.

If none appear yet, go ahead and click the Add More button. Simply follow the prompts that appear on the screen, and your newsletters will be added.


For those who are beta testing our dashboard, we have an exciting new update: your top five winning and losing stocks. We’ll list the total gain/loss, entry date, latest close, and portfolio for the positions. It’s a great way to quickly check on which positions are doing the best (or worst) for you.

top winners and losers navigation

To switch between the winners and losers, simply click the tab that interests you. The active tab has a blue line under it.

Bulletin Board

Do you know what Warren Buffett and poker players have in common? If you want to find out, read this editorial from TradeSmith.

If you’re looking to learn more about utilizing fundamental data in TradeStops, our position views can help. Learn more about position views here.

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That was a lot to cover this week. We hope you enjoy the added benefits to the program. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.


TradeSmith Customer Success Team