Many of our users love our Newsletter Center. They can quickly access and view the recommendations of their favorite publishers. Now, we have a surprise for you – a new publisher!

We have added Dent Research to our Newsletter Center. Today we’ll discuss how to access the Newsletter Center and the functionality of it.

How do I access the Newsletter Center?

After you log into TradeStops, locate the black menu bar on the top of the screen. Then, click Newsletters. The list of publishers will then appear.

If you don’t see your publisher, we might not support them yet. That’s okay, though. Simply send us an email, and ask to have your publisher added. You can also ask your publisher to add themselves to a program called Portfolio Tracker.

Once you select a publisher, it will ask for your credentials.

Enter the credentials that you would use for that publisher. Don’t use your TradeStops credentials.

Notice in the picture how it already typed a password for me. We would not want to use that because my Internet Browser is trying to use my TradeStops password. We would want to delete that and use my Dent password.

How do I access a Newsletter?

Once you enter your publisher credentials, the newsletters that you are subscribed to will become available in a list. This list is on the left side of your screen.

The newsletters that you are subscribed to will appear at the top of the list. You’ll be able to view the recommendations on this list.

Any other newsletters that you are not subscribed to will appear in “other products.” This is a useful way of seeing what other newsletters the publisher offers.

While we can’t display the information for you, it does give you the chance to know that there are other newsletters your publisher offers.

To switch between the portfolios that you are subscribed to, simply click on the newsletter title. Our system will then switch to the list of those stocks.

What information can I see about the newsletter?

In addition to the ticker symbol and company name, we will provide you with helpful information about the stocks in a newsletter.

(Note, we must blur out the ticker and name in case you aren’t subscribed to this newsletter.)

Let’s discuss the columns of data:

  • Group tells you what is going on in relation to your newsletter. Note that the description will change from newsletter to newsletter.
  • Ref. Date is the reference date. This is when the position was added.
  • Ref. Price is the reference price. It is the original price of when the position was added.
  • Latest Close is the latest close price. Note that we use the final closing price for the end of a trading day. We don’t use intraday procing.
  • Advice comes from the newsletter itself concerning the position.
  • The VQ% is the volatility quotient. Remember that the higher the number, the more volatile the position is. Anything over 50% is sky-high risk.
  • The SSI Stop Price tells you when the stock will be stopped out based on our SSI algorithm.
  • The SSI tells you how the stock is performing. The letters and numbers in the color box tells you how long the stock has been in that color.

We do make every effort to ensure that these lists are updated, but it is dependent on the publisher. If you notice that something seems a little off, contact your publisher, and ask them to update their newsletter in Portfolio Tracker.

Can I add these positions to a watch portfolio?

Some newsletters can have a lot of information. It might be too much to take in all at once. And, you might want to see more columns of data – like what you see on your Positions & Alerts page. The solution is simple. You can add a newsletter as a Watch Portfolio.

At the top of the newsletter, click the green, Add as Watch Portfolio button.

A pop-up will then appear to let you know that the portfolio has been added successfully.

You can then access that portfolio from the Portfolio’s tab in your program. Just click the Portfolios tab in the black menu, and then click Watch Only. You’ll then find your newsletter watch portfolio.

To view the stocks from that portfolio again, just click the portfolio name like you normally would. Then, the list will appear for you.

Enjoy Your Newsletters

We hope that you continue enjoying the Newsletter Center. The update to Banyan Hill and the addition of Dent Research should really help you out (if you are subscribed to them). Try checking out your newsletters today and how they match up against our indicators.

Happy investing,

Customer Success Team